By Nabil Abdel-Salam Haroun ; übersetzt von Mohammed Ahmed Mansour.

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Reading and Re-Reading Scripture at Qumran, Volume 1: Genesis and its Interpretation (Studies on the Texts of the Desert of Judah, Volume 107)

This selection of essays brings jointly in a single handy position the distinctive insights of 1 of the prime specialists within the interpretation of Scripture within the moment Temple interval. The essays are superbly crafted, completely engaged with the first texts, rather well honed methodologically, and hugely informative.

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As part of my diachronic analysis, I will offer some suggestions for the origins of the various biblical images of Joshua. The goal is to understand when and where these images of Joshua emerged, what communities they resonated with and what function舒religious, polemic, nationalist舒they may have served before they were smoothed over by the biblical editors. B. 3 As these retellings of the Joshua story come from very different contexts, it is not surprising that their perspectives are very different as well.

11) Summary of Conquest (Ch. 11) Removal of Giants (Ch. 11) Conclusion of Narrative (Ch. 11) Geographical Addendum (Ch. 12) The Remaining Land (Ch. 13) Elazar the Priest (Ch. 14) Caleb舗s Request (Ch. 14) Caleb 舑 Part 2 (Ch. 15) Daughters of Zelophehad (Ch. 17) They Did Not Inherit (Chs. 15舑17) Ephraim舗s Complaint (Ch. 17) Joshua Rebukes the Seven Tribes (Ch. 18) Timnat Serah/Heres (Ch. 19) Summary Statement about Land Division (Ch. 19) Cities of Refuge (Ch. 20) Levitical Cities (Ch. 21) Summary of the Conquest (Ch.

Given that such choices are difficult to make, I beg the reader舗s indulgence in cases where I referenced either too little or too much. The wide scope of the book make it very long. 19 Since the material in these chapters comes from a wide variety of sources, are written in different languages, and reflect expertise in very different fields, I felt that it would be unfair to my readers to make them search out the sources if they wish to evaluate my claims. 20 On the other hand, I have written the sections in such a way that these sources need not be read thoroughly to understand the argument.

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