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That waiter can take care of himself. You ditch your weirdly aggressive and possibly drunk date, handing a twenty-dollar bill to the greeter on the way out to cover the appetizers. As you walk toward your car, you smell something all too familiar. At first you think your date followed you out of the restaurant, but you look around and see a middle-aged woman stumbling toward you, grunting and staring blankly just like your date did. What is this, an epidemic? You walk faster, and get inside your car just as the woman reaches you.

The group, though, has other ideas. “We voted on it, and it was unanimous,” Isabelle says. ” She smiles broadly. ” Maybe they’re right. If you decide to wait out the zombie apocalypse with them in this consumer paradise, turn to page 139. On the other hand, your gut tells you that the whole zombie situation isn’t going to just blow over, and even this much food will eventually run out. If you decide to leave the group and strike out on your own, turn to page 47. Back 14 “You picked the wrong day to die,” you say in your best action hero monotone.

To your surprise, you see a half a dozen zombies swarming around it. Some are even trying to climb on top. And more are slowly approaching from every direction. What’s the deal with zombies and your car? Then it hits you like a lightning bolt. “Candice! The promotional toothpaste you sent me! ” Candice and Ernie gaze out into the lot. “Don’t even think about it,” Ernie says. “You’ll never get past those things. ” “He’s right,” Candice agrees. “My car is behind the check-cashing place. ” If you agree with your companions and play it safe, heading for Candice’s car, turn to page 208.

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