By Peter Corris

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60 Years in East Africa. Life of a Settler 1926 to 1986

The superb tale of a guy who used to be born in Germany and made up our minds, as a tender guy, to to migrate to Africa.  His publication describes sixty years reviews as a settler, durning which he built plantations for his staff and eventually for himself.  He and his family members skilled many hardships, disappointments and rewards whereas residing in East Africa from 1926 to 1986.

Mad Dog

Johnny Adair used to be born within the Shankhill highway zone of Belfast, Northern eire. The youngest of 7 young children he used to be raised a Protestant. As Johnny and his gang may roam the streets trying to find Catholics for no different cause then faith and he bears many scars and warfare wounds from unending highway battles.

Vies dans l’Ombre avec J. Krishnamurti

"Durant sa longue lifestyles, le penseur religieux J. Krishnamurti (1895-1986) a conquis l’esprit de hundreds of thousands de gens à travers l’Europe, l’Inde, l’Australie et l’Amérique du Nord. Disparu en 1986, il reste pour beaucoup une référence centrale dans les mouvements de libération spirituelle qui ont fleuri au XXe siècle.

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The dog retreated and I advanced a few steps, brushing away a branch of a shrub that had partly obscured my vision of the man. I could now see that he was tall, thin and straight, with brown skin and a frizz of white hair. I stopped short of the porch but put one foot up on it. ‘Hardy,’ he said. ‘Private detective. ’ Some time back I’d helped ex-fighter Jimmy Sunday straighten a few things out for Jacko Moody, who was then on his way to the national middleweight title. ‘I know Jimmy. ’ ‘Come in, then.

I’ve known a few West Indians here and there. Good people. I remember Julie, that’s the wife, saying that it was a good combination, West Indian and Koori. You know the Saunders family, Reg and them? Reg had a West Indian in the line, grandfather I think. And he was a captain in the army. First Koori officer. His kids’ve done well, too. My Julie was looking ahead ... See, Angie’s our only kid and Julie comes from this big family down Bingara way, on the south coast. She’s a Roberts, big mob of them down there.

Clinton asked me the same question and I gave him the same answer. ’ ‘Clinton said he’d destroy whoever was responsible and I believe him. ’ Carey shrugged. ‘Search me. Maybe he is. Maybe he had to go interstate or to New Zealand. Some of the stuff comes from over there. ’ ‘Wouldn’t you? Yeah, the time I had this talk with him he’d had a few, but he wasn’t cracking up. He was white-hot angry. I could’ve used that anger on the court and I was sorry I couldn’t tap into it. Bloody sorry. ’ He looked at me as if I’d asked him to spell cat.

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