By F. E. Higgins

When Ludlow Fitch's mom and dad cruelly betray him, he steals away at the again of a carriage and leaves at the back of the stinking urban. He arrives at midnight at a distant village, the place he crosses paths with the tall and limping determine of Joe Zabbidou - a pawnbroker with a distinction. For Joe trades secrets and techniques, now not items, for cash.

Ludlow is hired to list the villagers' fiendish confessions within the Black booklet of secrets and techniques. Bodysnatching; thievery; homicide. the folks of Pagus Parvus have a lot to conceal. yet is Ludlow Fitch able to unlock his personal skeletons? and may he ever discover ways to belief his mysterious master?

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I don舗t know why Mr Jellico showed me such kindness, why he chose to feel sorry for me over the hundreds of other lads roaming the perilous streets. Whatever the reason, I wasn舗t complaining. I told him what Ma and Pa were like, how they treated me, how little they cared for me. Many times when it was too cold to stay out, and I was too afraid to return home, he let me warm myself by his fire and gave me tea and bread. He taught me the AlphaBet and numbers and let me practise writing on the back of old pawn tickets.

If I don舗t, you will have the right to sell it. 舗 Obadiah liked to make life easy by thinking in a simple and logical fashion. 舖Ah,舗 exclaimed Joe. 舖I think you will find my terms quite agreeable. If you wish to reclaim your secret, you pay what you took plus a little extra. If not, I will keep the secret for you for as long as you want, a lifetime if that is your wish. 舗 Joe smiled. 舖Let us get started. 舗 He nodded discreetly to Ludlow, who realized this was his cue. With a shaking hand he raised the quill and dipped it in the ink.

With every step Joe took, a set of keys hooked to his belt jingled tunefully against his thigh. In his right hand he carried a rather battered leather satchel straining at the seams, and in his left a damp drawstring bag from which there emanated an intermittent croaking. Quickly, silently, Joe climbed the steep high street until he reached the last building on the left. It was an empty shop. Beyond it was a walled graveyard, the village boundary, within which stood the church. Then the road stretched away into a grey nothingness.

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