By M. C. Blake, D. S. Harwood, R. J. McLaughlin, A. S. Jayko, W. P. Irwin, F. C. W. Dodge, D. L. Jones, M. M. Miller, T. Bullen(auth.)

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Published by way of the yankee Geophysical Union as a part of the Field journey Guidebooks Series.

The current tectonic regime of northern California comprises remodel faulting south of the Mendocino triple junction, eastward-directed subduction, north of the junction and extensional rifting and up to date volcanism within the Cascade diversity to the east. The advanced constructions that shaped over the past few million years and the diversity of igneous rocks that have been generated in those 3 varied plate tectonic settings supply us with testable versions to match with the extra historic background.

During the 1st and one-half days, we'll be the rocks and buildings of the northern Coast levels (Figure 1), together with the well known Franciscan advanced. proof can be awarded for a classy background of subduction punctuated through classes of remodel and extensional faulting.


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In contrast, the areas underlain by relativley coherent stratigraphic sections of Franciscan sandstone and siltstone are characterized by angular ridges with steep hillsides and heavy timber cover. 1 A patch of coherent Franciscan sedimentary strata is exposed along the south bank of the Van Duzen River. 4 strike across the river. Bridgeville and the Van Duzen River bridge. The many large blocks of rock in the river are residual debris from the hummocky hillside and are a common feature in streams that drain regions of Franciscan melange.

Turnoff to Hellgate Campground at mouth of Rattlesnake Creek on South Fork of Trinity River. Bridge near mouth of North Rattlesnake Creek. A prominent limestone block nearby contains late Paleozoic or early Mesozoic foraminifers. 1 are many good exposures of mafic volcanic rocks of the Rattlesnake Creek terrane, as well as red and green chert. Some of the chert contains Triassic or Jurassic radiolarians. STOP 3-3: Interlayered mafic volcanic rocks and thin-bedded chert of the Rattlesnake Creek terrane, exposed in high roadcuts.

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