By József Zsengellér

This quantity represents the present kingdom of Samaritan study. The reviews, which have been awarded on the 7th overseas convention of the Societe d Etudes Samaritaines, take care of numerous elements of the sphere of Samaritan experiences, just like the connections of Samaritan heritage and faith to the outdated testomony, difficulties of the temple development on Mount Gerizim within the Persian or Hellenistic interval, linguistic features of the Samaritan Hebrew language and Samaritan theological questions of the Arabic period. Papers have been written through the prime students of Samaritan reviews.

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Reading and Re-Reading Scripture at Qumran, Volume 1: Genesis and its Interpretation (Studies on the Texts of the Desert of Judah, Volume 107)

This choice of essays brings jointly in a single handy position the exact insights of 1 of the major specialists within the interpretation of Scripture within the moment Temple interval. The essays are superbly crafted, completely engaged with the first texts, rather well honed methodologically, and hugely informative.

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Seven cities (rebel) and his troops are defeated. When Ammuna is old, Retribution brings Huzziya, the head of his bodyguard, to send his son to kill the crown prince and the whole of the king’s family so that Huzziya might become king. When the author of our story, Telipinu, marries Huzziya’s sister, the king and his five brothers plot to kill him. ” Instead, he gives the wouldbe murderers houses, food and drink and declares that no one may do them harm (cf. 2 Kings 6:21-23). Nevertheless, Telipinu’s commanders, unknown to the king, have both Huzziya and his 5 brothers murdered.

Accordingly, most reconstructions of the literary and religious history of ancient Israel regard the demand for the centralization of worship as originating in Jerusalem, and as referring to Jerusalem from the very beginning. ”6 Without knowledge of its source, the Hebrew translation of this formula in Deuteronomy seems to have been difficult to understand for the contemporary authors and readers of Biblical Hebrew, and it was therefore changed into the more intelligible ‫“ להיות שמו שם‬to be his name there”7 by the text of the Book of Kings, while the original difficult phrase ‫ לשכן שמו שם‬is totally absent in this composition.

In the parallel story of Numbers, the people are frightened by the terrifying reports about the Nephilim from the scouts, returning from the Valley of Eshcol. With rivers flowing with milk and honey and grape clusters demanding two men to bear, it is a valley defended by giants. Fearing for the fate of their wives and children, the people murmur against Moses and Aaron for having led them out of Egypt only to die in battle (Num 13:25-14,4). Although Caleb and Joshua encourage obedience to Yahweh, the people will have new leaders to lead them back to Egypt.

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