By Betz, H.D. (ed.), Browning, D.S. (ed.), Janowski, B. (ed.), Jüngel, E. (ed.)

Really around the world in its insurance, this English model of the 4th variation of the RGG, makes this top-rated of encyclopedias obtainable to the English-speaking international. bearing in mind the most recent examine advancements, it deals a wide-ranging and multi-denominational method of all facets of the examine of faith and theology

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Reading and Re-Reading Scripture at Qumran, Volume 1: Genesis and its Interpretation (Studies on the Texts of the Desert of Judah, Volume 107)

This selection of essays brings jointly in a single handy position the designated insights of 1 of the top specialists within the interpretation of Scripture within the moment Temple interval. The essays are superbly crafted, completely engaged with the first texts, rather well honed methodologically, and hugely informative.

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Hom. Hom. Hym. Hom. Il. Hom. Od. Hor. Hor. Carm. Hor. Ep. Hor. Saec. Iamb. Iamb. Myst. Iamb. Protr. Iamb. Vita Pyth. Iren. Iren. Haer. Isid. Isid. Vir. ill. Jerome Jer. Chron. Jer. Comm. Jer. Ep. Jer. Hist. eccl. Jer. Vir. ill. Jer. Vita Hil. Jos. Jos. Ant. Jos. Apion. Jos. Bell. Jul. Jul. Ath. Jul. Ep. Jul. Gal. Jul. Mis. Just. Just. 1 / 2 Apol. Just. Dial. Lact. Lact. Inst. Lact. Ira Leo M. Leo M. Ep. Leo M. Serm. Lib. Lib. Decl. Lib. Ep. Lib. Or. Lib. Ref. Livy Luc. Macr. Macr. Sat. Mar. Vict.

Vita soph. Phot. Bibl. Plato Alc. Plato Apol. Plato Def. Origen, Contra Celsum Origen, Commentarii Origen, Homiliae Origen, De oratione Origen, Philocalia Origen, De principiis Orpheus Orpheus, Hymni Ovid (Ovidius) Ovid, Amores Ovid, Epistulae Ovid, Metamorphoses Passiones Philo of Alexandria Philo, De Abrahamo Philo, De aeternitate mundi Philo, De agricultura Philo, De animalibus Philo, Apologia pro Judaeis Philo, De Cherubim Philo, De confusione linguarum Philo, De congres eruditionis gratia Philo, De vita contemplativa Philo, De decalogo Philo, Quod deterius potiori insidiari soleat Philo, Quod Deus sit immutabilis Philo, De ebrietate Philo, In Flaccum Philo, De gigantibus Philo, Quis rerum divinarum heres sit Philo, De Josepho Philo, Legum allegoriae, Book I, III Philo, Legatio ad Gaium Philo, De migratione Abrahami Philo, De vita Mosis, Book I, II Philo, De mutatione nominum Philo, De opificio mundi Philo, De plantatione Philo, De posteritate Caini Philo, De praemiis et poenis Philo, Quod omnis probus liber sit Philo, De providentia, Book I, II Philo, Quaestiones in Exodum, Book I, II Philo, Quaestiones in Genesim Philo, De sacrificiis Abelis et Caini Philo, De sobrietate Philo, De somniis, Book I, II Philo, De specialibus legibus, Book I, II Philo, De virtutibus Philostrogius, Historia ecclesiastica Philostratus Philostratus, Vita apollonii Philostratus, Vitae sophistarum Photius, Bibliotheca Plato, Alcibiades Plato, Apologia Plato, Definitiones xxxviii xxxix Plato Epist.

Sen. Sen. Apoc. Sen. Dial. Sen. Ep. Socr. Hist. eccl. Sophoc. Sophoc. Ant. Sophoc. El. Sophoc. Oed. R. Sophoc. Phil. Soz. Hist. eccl. Stob. Strabo Suet. Suet. Aug. Suet. Cal. Suet. Cl. Suet. Dom. Tert. Tert. An. Tert. Apol. Tert. Bapt. Tert. Carn. chr. Tert. Cor. Tert. Herm. Tert. Marc. Tert. Nat. Tert. Praesc. Tert. Prax. Tert. Res. Tert. Val. Thdt. Thdt. Affect Thdt. Comm. In Thdt. Ep. Ancient authors and works Plato, Epistulae Plato, Gorgias Plato, Criton Plato, Parmenides Plato, Phaido Plato, Phaidrus Plato, Politicus Plato, Protagoras Plato, De re publica Plato, Sophista Plato, Timaeus Plotinus Plutarch (Plutarchus) Plutarch, Moralia Porphyry (Porphyrius) Porphyry, De abstinentia Porphyry, De antro nympharum Porphyrius, Contra Christianos Porphyry, In Aristotelis categorias commentarius Porphyry, Vita Plotini Porphyry, Vita Phythagorae Pseudo- .

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