By Harald Atmanspacher, Hans Primas

Wolfgang Pauli used to be not just essentially the most influential physicists of the twentieth century: His large correspondence and unpublished manuscripts additionally display his deep curiosity in questions past physics.

This quantity explores the relevance of Pauli's visionary principles with recognize to numerous subject matters in technological know-how and philosophy which are of serious modern curiosity: the function of symmetries in theoretical technological know-how; dual-aspect ways to the mind-brain challenge; the stress among mental and actual time; the character of inventive task and the foundation of mathematical perception; and adaptive mutations and epigenetics in biology. at the present time we're able to savor how correct Pauli's paintings and speculations have grew to become out to be. This e-book, authored by way of a workforce of the world over popular specialists, presents fabric and indicates instructions for destiny stories of a number of deep-seated and open difficulties, specifically about the relation among brain and topic.

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3. The solution-function Σ → DΣ ⊂ K from B into the subsets of K is G-equivariant. This means the following: If g · DΣ denotes the set {g · Φ | Φ ∈ DΣ }, then, for all g in G, we have g · DΣ = Dg·Σ . g. Bellac and L´evy-Leblond (1972) and Goldin and Shtelen (2001). Concepts of Symmetry in the Work of Wolfgang Pauli 45 An alternative way to say this is that the relation that EM establishes on B × K via (2) is G-invariant, that is, for all g in G, we have EM{ Σ | Φ } = 0 ⇐⇒ EM{ g · Σ | g · Φ } = 0 .

Dies widerstrebt meinem physikalischen Gef¨ uhl auf das ¨ außerste! Denn es muß dann sogar auch f¨ ur das Gravitationsfeld, das von dem ganzen Kasten (samt seinem radioaktiven Inhalt) selber erzeugt wird . . ” German original (Pauli, 1957b, p. ” This, in fact, implicitly relates to much of the present-day research concerned with that difficult problem. Before we can discuss specific aspects of symmetry in Pauli’s work in Section 3, we now recall various aspects of symmetry principles as used in physics.

One may ask: What is the general relation between the particular symmetry (encoded by the Poincar´e group) of spacetime and that very same symmetry of the fundamental interactions (weak, strong, and electromagnetic, but not gravity) ? Is one to be considered as logically prior to the other ? For example, if we take Einstein’s original operationalist attitude, we would say that the geometry of spacetime is defined through the behavior of “rods” and “clocks”, which eventually should be thought of as physical systems obeying the fundamental dynamical laws.

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