By Miller, M.C.; Marsh, S.F.; Los Alamos National Laboratory.; United States. Dept. of Energy. Office of Scientific and Technical Information

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The pulse could be shortened by increasing the reverse bias, and the shortest value obtained is 3 ps at -6 V. 12b shows the radio-frequency (RF) spectra of the device. 9 GHz corresponding to a round-trip time of 120 ps. The difference in frequency between the two branches is approximately 15 MHz, with the longer wavelength branch at higher frequency, as expected from the normal dispersion in the GaAs waveguide. 1), a laser that was nominally identical to the first one but with a higher threshold current (device 2) and one with a different ratio of gain length to absorber length (device 3).

Sensitivity of quantum-dot semiconductor lasers to optical feedback. Opt. Lett. 29, 1072–1074 (2004) 22. : Mapping the nonlinear dynamics of a distributed feedback semiconductor laser subject to external optical injection. Opt. Commun. 215, 135–151 (2003) 23. : Multipulse excitability in a semiconductor laser with optical injection. Phys. Rev. Lett. 88, 063901 (2002) 24. : The dynamical complexity of optically injected semiconductor lasers. Phys. Rep. 416, 1–128 (2005) Chapter 2 Exotic Behavior in Quantum Dot Mode-Locked Lasers: Dark Pulses and Bistability Kevin Silverman, Mingming Feng, Richard Mirin and Steven Cundiff Abstract Passively mode-locked semiconductor lasers with self-assembled quantum dot active regions can be operated in exotic output modes, stabilized by the complex gain and absorption dynamics inherent in these structures.

Fig. 9 Simulation results. a Evolution of initial bright pulse seed into a steady-state solution showing a gray pulse. b Phase space map showing stable solution for various parameters. Star indicates the best estimate of the operating point for the experimental conditions when the laser produces dark pulses. c Phase space map and estimated operating point for increased injection current, where laser produces a CW output We have made our best estimate of the operating parameters corresponding to the experimental observation of dark pulses (see supplementary material) and mark it with a star in Fig.

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