By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sophie Rohrbach

"A mom sucks the blood from her baby's neck! might she be a vampire? Do vampires rather exist? Robert Ferguson thinks so. actually, he believes his spouse is one! He calls upon Holmes and Watson to resolve the case. Will they locate an evidence for the wife's unusual habit? Or are they dealing with a true vampire?"

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She is ill but making sense. Very good. This must be cleared up in her presence. My dear Watson, pray be good enough to give this note to Mrs. Ferguson’s maid. I believe her mistress will see us all. 35 nning the note had not viewed Holmes pe could not imagine since our arrival, and I rtheless, I returned what it might say. Neve d passed the note to to the heavy oak door an o later, I heard a cry Dolores. A moment or tw held a mixture of joy from within the room. It I and surprise. 36 She will see you.

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Why didn’t you tell me? Who would do such a thing? 39 I fear too that your dog is not ill but has been poisoned. 40 But who, who would do such horrible things? I hate to tell you, Mr. Ferguson. Your wife knows the truth, but she could not say it. She knew it would break your heart. It is your son Jack. Jack!? I’m afraid it is so. . 41 I watched Jack’s reflection in the shuttered window as you held the baby. Such jealousy, such cruel hatred, I have seldom seen on a human face. My Jacky? You must face it, Mr.

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