By Matt Mullins

A part of the occupation and Tech schooling sequence, this e-book explains many elements of the activity of a Multimedia Artist and Animator, together with education and talents wanted.

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Posters, 5, 11 professionalism, 11 review. See feedback. salaries, 25 illustrators, 8–10, 11–13, 25, 29 images, 5, 6, 9–10, 11, 13, 14, 26, 28, 29 logos, 5, 29 meetings, 9 motion capture, 28 movies, 28, 29 murals, 19 museums, 20 South Park television show, 13–14, 16 tablet computers, 14 teaching, 12–13, 19, 22 textures, 13, 16 title sequences, 29 Web sites, 5, 6 work hours, 12, 16 observations, 19, 26 abouT The auThor Matt Mullins lives in Madison, Wisconsin, with his son and writes about a variety of topics for academics, consultants, designers, engineers, and scientists.

Bass designed logos for AT&T, United Airlines, Continental Airlines, and many other companies. He won a 1968 Academy Award as director of a documentary movie, Why Man Creates. Bass may be more famous for his work on movie title sequences. Title sequences show words and images at the beginning of a movie. The titles tell us who made the movie, who is in it, and more. Hayao Miyazaki (1941–) has been making animated movies since 1971. Miyazaki first became well known in the United States in 1997 with the film Princess Mononoke.

Leonardo da Vinci (1452–1519) may be the most famous multimedia artist. Da Vinci was a sculptor and painter, an architect and musician, a scientist, engineer, inventor, writer, and more. He may be best known as the painter of The Last Supper and Mona Lisa. 21st Century sKills library Cool Careers M u lT i M e d i a a r T i s T a n d a n i M a T o r glossary animation (an-ih-MAY-shuhn) making something look alive, such as a cartoon character art installations (ART in-stuh-LAY-shuhnz) performances, sculptures, or other art created and shown in the same place celluloid (SELL-yoo-loyd) a tough, plastic material used to make film for movies commercial (kuh-MUHR-shuhl) done for the purpose of making a profit graphic artists (GRAF-ik AHR-tistss) artists who design and make printed material, electronic art, and many other published designs images (IM-ih-jiz) forms, appearances, or pictures of things media (MEE-dee-uh) materials or techniques an artist uses motion capture (MOH-shuhn CAP-chur) recording the movement of real people and using it to create computer-animated characters observe (uhb-ZURV) to see or watch professional (proh-FESH-uh-nuhl) doing something in a business-like way scan (SKAN) to create a copy of an object as a computer file scenes (SEENZ) parts of a film or show that take place at a particular time and location sets (SEHTSS) the places or areas in which the action of a film or show is filmed texture (TEKS-chur) the way something feels, or the look of the way it would feel for More inforMaTion BOOKS Marcovitz, Hal.

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