By Ricky Megee, Greg McLean

In April 2006 the scoop broke of an grand feat of survival via a white guy in a single of the main inhospitable parts of Australia. Ricky Megee used to be chanced on sheltering through a dam on a distant farm animals estate within the Northern Territory. After being kidnapped at the Buntine street, drugged, then left for useless, Ricky had walked for 10 days in naked toes via unforgiving terrain in blistering warmth. Stumbling upon a dam, he arrange camp there and survived for nearly 3 months on leeches, grasshoppers, frogs, and vegetation, losing more than one hundred thirty pounds in the method. In Left for lifeless, Ricky Megee tells for the 1st time on account that his awesome rescue the complete tale of his abduction and survival, vividly and with candor. A gripping story and a desirable learn, Left for useless is either surprising and encouraging, the story of ways one guy persevered a negative ordeal and lives to inform the story.

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My life sucks. How could it have come to this? If the wind was blowing, I’d have been pissing in it for sure, probably with my mouth open so I could swallow it up. indd 52 5/6/08 12:45:21 PM SEARCHING F O R T H E S E A R C H PA R T Y debating the pros and cons of consuming my own bodily fluids. Again. Drinking from my jocks would be more palatable this time, I reasoned. I’d tried it already and at least I knew what foulness to expect. The warmness of it, as much as the taste, put me off the first time around.

My progress astonished the doctors. They had expected me to lose the use of my foot entirely, but instead I came close to getting back full use of it in a matter of months. indd 24 5/6/08 12:45:18 PM LOST LOVE The leg brace would have to stay attached for a couple of years, but my foot was saved. I decided to remain in Brisbane, once the doctors gave me the all clear. I moved out of Tina’s to give her back her own space and found a place of my own. I landed a job as operations manager for a company selling containment systems for problem pets.

The damage caused by the infection and subsequent surgery meant I had to virtually learn how to walk all over again. My ankle didn’t exist anymore, more or less, because the infection had eaten most of the bone and muscle away. But with nothing better to do, I put every effort into my recovery. I constantly exercised my ankle, regardless of any pain, to stimulate muscle growth. Eventually the docs measured me up for an external fixator, which bolted onto my left leg to keep everything in place, and I graduated from a wheelchair to crutches.

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