By Arabella B. Buckley

3rd quantity within the "Eyes and No Eyes" sequence, introduces youngsters to the wonders of plants via exam of quite a few crops, together with the cabbage, the turnip, the cucumber, and the rose. as well as changing into accustomed to the constitution of crops, the reader discovers how seeds develop, how bugs aid, and the way crops protect themselves. via this e-book little ones are encouraged to develop into willing observers of flowers as they gather specimens and research crops of their common habitats. Seven colour illustrations and various black and white drawings supplement the textual content. appropriate for a while eight and up.

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Examine a dead-nettle, mint, thyme, and meadow-sage. Notice the curious swinging anther of the meadow-sage. Also a pea blossom, gorse blossom, tare, and bird's-foot trefoil. CHAPTER XIII Climbing Plants WHEN you were picking the flowers of the peas and scarlet-runners, if you kept your eyes open, you must have noticed that they climb up the sticks which we put for them. But I daresay you did not ask yourself why they climb, nor how they climb. You know that if you took the sticks away they would fall in a tangled mass on the ground.

How do you think the plants protect themselves? In many different ways. The Teasel has a large flower-head full of honey. But the ants cannot steal it because its leaves grow opposite to each other on the stem, and join round it so that they make a little basin. The dew and the rain collect in the basin, and stop the ants from creeping past. Then the plants we call Campions, of which the ragged-robin is one, often have their flower stems covered with fine hairs, and the stem near the flower is very sticky.

Plants do not feed like this. Their roots take in water out of the earth, and other substances, such as lime, soda, and potash, dissolved in it. The leaves take in gases out of the air. But earth, air, and water are not living food. You or I could not live on them. The plant can. The pretty green leaves we love so much work very hard. When the sun shines upon them they can turn the water and gases into living food, and this food makes more leaves, flowers, and fruits which we eat. See how useful plants are!

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