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Sunward info the interior a part of the sunlight system:

Can you're taking the warmth? discover on Mercury, the Vulcanoids, or dive into the sun's corona with the Solarians
A new celebrity is emerging on Venus, take part the intrigue because the Morningstar Constellation maneuvers for influence.
Return to the cradle of transhumanity and discover the blasted, yet no longer rather deserted, ruins of Earth.
Keepers of lots of our cultural traditions, the Lunar-Lagrange Alliance stands watch over our shattered homeworld.
A crimson hurricane is emerging on Mars because the conventional masters of the pink planet face an upswell of Barsoomian patriotism.
The silent masters of the internal procedure, the Planetary Consortium, achieve out to the touch all with a velvet glove.
Plus new Morphs, equipment, and pattern characters.

Sunward is a 192 web page PDF (with layers, a hyperlinked desk of contents, a hyperlinked index, and inner links) and is inventive Commons (BY-NC-SA) approved.

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Their primary reason was the fact that the ATI would only allow for a maximum Venusian population of 200 million, while a fully terraformed Venus could easily hold more than 10 times that number of transhumans. In addition, the terraformers were concerned because aerial terraforming had never been performed before. They considered the ATI to be a wasteful frivolity that would deny valuable living space to future inhabitants of the solar system. At this point, the Venusian terraformers grew both angry and even more determined.

While most Constellation aerostats are similar to Octavia, with a democraticallyelected government and a mixture of reputation and monetary economy, many other options can also be found on Venus. For example, the government of Machu Picchu is randomly rotated between competent citizens, with anyone opting in having a chance to become one of the aerostat’s managers. The habitat of Selenis is a nanosocialist experiment, with all resources held in common by its citizens. Beyond those necessities required to maintain a comfortable existence, any citizen of Selenis may take as much of the remaining resources as they want, if they can convince enough other citizens to agree to their proposed use.

It is worth noting that a small but significant amount of these are not infugees but criminals who have been convicted and sentenced to infomorph labor. These infomorphs are kept in secluded networks with heavy electronic safeguards, and are commonly used for the most dangerous mining work tasks. THE SHACK Allegiance: Morningstar Constellation Primary Languages: Hindi, Portuguese, Wu The largest of Venus’s aerostats also has the smallest population. It is known only as the Shack. 36 With a population of 130,000, it exists solely to build other aerostats.

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