By Jimmy Swaggart

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Smith, the great missionary statesman and former pastor of the People s Church in Toronto, Canada, called it the "morning watch,” explaining that he rose early every morning, dressed, had breakfast, then immediately retired to his study for one hour alone with God and His Word. Many of today's problems and confusions would have been averted, or at least minimized, had you begun this day in prayer. After much study and research concerning men mightily used of God at home and abroad, I discovered most were men of daily early morning prayer.

All day long the Presence lingered, All day long He stayed with me, And we sailed in perfect calmness O'er a very troubled sea. Other ships were blown and battered, Other ships were sore distressed, But the winds that seemed to drive them Brought us to a peace and rest. Then I thought of other mornings, With a keen remorse of mind, When I too had loosed the moorings, With the Presence left behind. So, I think I know the secret, Learned from many a troubled way: You must seek Him in the morning If you want Him through the day!

Personally, I believe this is true even in family life. The father or husband who rises early to pray and talks first with God will find a better and more wonderful communication with his family. I have found in my life (and you can find it, too) that to arise a while before day for prayer, or at least have an early morning watch of thirty minutes or more, is the greatest spiritual and physical therapy I have ever known or felt. Days not begun with prayer are days without peace, days without good order and days without accomplishment.

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