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Questions? Back to DWSPT Pressure Tanks Types of pressure tanks: (a) Diaphragm (c) Plain galvanized with wafer disk (b) Bladder (d) Plain galvanized w/air volume control Water is, for all practical purposes, incompressible. Therefore, it is necessary to provide a pressure tank with storable energy (air under pressure), which acts upon the water to force it from the tank into the system water lines. Since another characteristic of water is it's ability to absorb air, the design of the pressurized storage tank must have provisions to replenish the absorbed air, or a means to prevent absorption.

Softening - The process of removing hardness caused by calcium and magnesium minerals. Spring - A place of the earth's surface where water emerges naturally. Static Head - Vertical distance (in feet) from pump to point of discharge when the pump is not running. Strainers - A device installed in the inlet of the pump to prevent foreign particles from damaging the internal parts. Submergence/Setting - The vertical distance between pumping level and the bottom of the pump or jet assembly. Submergence must be sufficient to insure that the suction opening of the pump or jet assembly is always covered with water, while maintaining enough clearance from the bottom of the well to keep it out of sediment (at least 10 feet clearance is recommended).

The tank discharge should always be near the bottom of the tank. The principle of how this tank works is very much like the diaphragm and bladder tanks, with the exception that these tanks have no barrier between the water and the air cushion. To maintain the proper air pressure inside the tank, a special valve, called an air volume control, is mounted to the tank at the level where the water will be when the pump starts. Here is how the air volume control works: Left: When pump starts, the diaphragm is drawn to the right by pump suction.

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