By Philip K. Dick

World conflict Terminus had left the Earth devastated. via its ruins, bounty hunter Rick Deckard stalked, looking for the renegade replicants who have been his prey. whilst he wasn't 'retiring' them together with his laser weapon,
he dreamed of possessing a dwell animal - the last word prestige image in an international all yet bereft of animal life.

Then Rick bought his likelihood: the project to kill six Nexus-6 goals, for a massive present. yet in Deckard's international issues have been by no means that straightforward, and his task quick become a nightmare kaleidoscope of subterfuge and deceit - and the specter of demise for the hunter instead of the hunted ...

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In fact no personal articles: what greeted him consisted of unclaimed debris which Polokov had inherited when he took the apartment and which in leaving he had abandoned to the next-if anytenant. I knew it, he said to himself. Well, there goes the first thousand dollars bounty; probably skipped all the way to the Antarctic Circle. Out of my jurisdiction; another bounty hunter from another police department will retire Polokov and claim the money. On, I suppose, to the andys who haven't been warned, as was Polokov.

Maybe its ten-year battery has shorted, and all its circuits are systematically burning out. A major job; Milt Borogrove, Van Ness Pet Hospital's repairman, would have his bands full. And I didn't give the owner an estimate, Isidore realized gloomily. The guy simply thrust the cat at me, said it had begun failing during the night, and then I guess he took off for work. Anyhow all of a sudden the momentary verbal exchange had ceased; the cat's owner had gone roaring up into the sky in his custom new-model handsome hovercar.

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