By Keith R Fox; Tom Brown

Content material: Nucleic Acid Sensors for SERRS; Quadruplexes as sensors; click on Chemistry; Fluorophore conjugates for single-molecule paintings; Chromophore-functionalized LNAs and their use in exploratory diagnostic purposes; Small molecule-DNA conjugates; DNAzymes; Electrochemical aptamer established sensors; Small molecule-RNA conjugates; DNA pH sensors; Oligonucleotide-conjugates for detection; Oligonucleotide-conjugates as synthetic Enzymes; Aptamers as diagnostic and healing reagents; topic Index

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Biomol. , 2004, 2, 2885–2887. 109. I. V. Astakhova, A. V. Ustinov, V. A. Korshun and J. Wengel, Bioconj. , 2011, 22, 533–539. CHAPTER 2 Fluorophore Conjugates for Single Molecule Work ROHAN T. 1 Introduction We begin this chapter by introducing some inherent properties of single molecule fluorescence spectroscopy (SMFS) that have been key to its success in studies of DNA. 1), single molecule methods have delivered unrivalled speeds of data acquisition, reducing the time required to sequence a human genome from several years to one day.

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