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By early November, Germany stood alone. On 7 November, a German delegation crossed the front The Russian government became line to discuss peace terms with the increasingly unpopular as the war Allies. The war was almost over. progressed. The army was Russia pulls out demoralized by constant defeats, and by early 1917, there was large-scale fraternization with German troops along the Eastern Front. In February 1917, a revolution overthrew the Tsar, but the new government continued the war. A second revolution in October brought the Bolshevik Party to power.

The Russians were greatly demoralized and this led, in part, to the Russian Revolution the following year, 1917. INITIAL SUCCESS During 1914 the Russian army conquered Austria-Hungary’s eastern province of Galicia, inflicting huge defeats on the Austro-Hungarian army. But, in 1915, German reinforcements (above) pushed the Russians back into their own country. MASURIAN LAKES, 1914 In September 1914, the Russian First Army had marched to the Masurian Lakes in East Prussia. It was in danger of being surrounded as the Second Army had been the previous month at Tannenberg.

They were caught and executed in 1915. AID TO ESCAPE This tin, supposedly containing ox tongue, was sent to British Lieutenant Jack Shaw at the German Prisoner of War Camp, Holzminden in 1918. It contained maps, wire cutters, and compasses to help Shaw arrange a mass escape from the camp. Rolled-up map of France Lead weights to make the tin the correct weight Compass MATA HARI Dutch-born Margaretha Zelle was a famous dancer who used the stagename Mata Hari. She had many high-ranking lovers, which enabled her to pass on any confidential information she acquired from them to the secret services.

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