By Peter Lauster

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Mirages aren’t found only in deserts. Under the right atmospheric conditions, a mirage can materialize just about anywhere. If it appears at Loch Ness, a bird can change into a huge monster. It’s Otterly Amazing Birds don’t have a monopoly on Nessie look-alikes. Mammals also have fooled many observers into thinking they saw a monster in the loch. The Spicers’ account, previously described, is a perfect example of a Nessie sighting with a mammalian twist. George Spicer had no clue as to the identity of the awesome beast he saw.

There is now, however, enough reason to doubt the authenticity of the surgeon’s photo that this picture no longer enjoys the respect it once commanded—especially since Wilson reportedly claimed to have taken his famous photos on the first day of April. That’s right: April Fools’ Day! Case #2: The Dinsdale Film When Tim Dinsdale undertook his April 1960 expedition to Loch Ness, the image of the surgeon’s photo was still untarnished, and he was convinced that the unknown beast in the photo inhabited the loch.

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