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Odd Couples: Extraordinary Differences between the Sexes in the Animal Kingdom

Whereas we shaggy dog story that males are from Mars and girls are from Venus, our gender modifications can't examine to these of alternative animals. for example: the male backyard spider spontaneously dies after mating with a feminine greater than fifty instances his measurement. girl cichlids needs to defend their eggs and larvae--even from the hungry appetites in their personal companions.

The Intimate Bond: How Animals Shaped Human History

Animals, and our ever-changing courting with them, have left an indelible mark on human background. From the sunrise of our lifestyles, animals and people were continually redefining their courting with each other, and full civilizations have risen and fallen upon this curious bond we percentage with our fellow fauna.

Fishes of the tropical eastern Pacific

Эта книга содержит обзор фауны морских рыб района от центра Калифорнийского залива до южной части Эквадора, включая прибрежные зоны Кокосовых и Галапагосских архипелагов.
Доп. информация: Файл является рипом с сайта Google Books. Этим определяется отсутствие некоторых страниц (до 20% от общего числа) и невысокое разрешение сканирования (около a hundred dpi).

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Мои раздачи биологических определителей, справочников, учебных пособий и монографий (и немного арктической музыки)Будьте добры, нажмите на кнопку Сказать "Спасибо"!

Endangered Desert Animals (The Endangered Animals Series)

Ten endangered animals are highlighted in every one e-book with transparent, uncomplicated textual content matched through attractive, full-color images via flora and fauna photographer and writer Dave Taylor. each one publication is helping advisor the reader towards a better figuring out of the risks those terrific animals face as their habitats are regularly degraded and destroyed.

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Rep. Kevo Subarctic Res. Stat. 7, 57-59 (1971). : Herbivorous invertebrates of the mountain birch at Kevo, Finnish Lapland. Rep. Kevo Subarctic Res. Stat. 10,20-28 (1973). : On the occurence and ecology of Eriocrania spp. , Eriocraniidae) and other mining insects of the birch in northernmost Fennoscandia in 1973. Rep. Kevo Subarctic Res. Stat. 11, 52--64 (1974). : Spider populations in a subalpine birch forest. E. ): Fennoscandian tundra ecosystems. Part 2: Animals and systems analysis, pp. 66-72.

The surface-active mesofauna was studied using pitfall traps with ethylene glycol over a number of years (KOPONEN, 1971). Great fluctuations in both absolute and relative numbers were observed between different years. The following figures are from the year 1973 (periods: June 5-July 5, July 5-August 5, August 5September 5). 7%). ). The diversity of the sites studied can be shown using numbers of spider species, especially that of Linyphiidae. The number of spider species in the Faunal Structure of Investigated Areas at Kevo, Finland 25 Table 8.

Arb. Univ. Bergen. -Nat. Ser. 2,1-15 {l969). : Norges fugler. Oslo-Bergen-Troms¢: Universitetsforlaget 1971. : Studies on the ecology of Melasoma collaris L. (Co!. Chrysomelidae) in alpine habitats at Finse, south Norway. Norw. J. Ent. 22, 31-47 (1975). : Occurrence and role of different invertebrate groups in alpine Salix herbacea snowbeds at Hardangervidda. E. ): Fennoscandian tundra ecosystems. Part 2: Animals and systems analysis, pp. 88-93. Berlin-HeidelbergNew York: Springer 1975. : Faunal structure of investigated areas at Kevo, Finland.

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