By Jenny Cheshire, Viv Edwards, Henk Münstermann and Bert Weltens (Editors)

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It should be noted that the experimenter and the pupils were quite familiar with one another, since the former frequently visited the classroom and participated in class activities. All the items formed part of the children's conversational competence. They were selected partly on the grounds of simplicity and partly because there were clear phonological and morphological differences between the terms in the different language varieties. The test was carried out twice. The first time the experimenter simply showed the pictures and asked the pupils to name them.

They were well acquainted with the dialect, but most of them did not feel that the dialect had any special effect on everyday teaching. Roughly one-third thought that speaking a dialect may make it a little harder for a school beginner to learn to read and as many as 60% believed that spelling may be made more difficult. There is no discrepancy in thiscompared to other nations Danish schools do not emphasise spelling skills very much. The teachers believed that dialect interference should be corrected in written work and in very formal oral tasks, but that dialect forms should be permitted along with standard forms in everyday oral work.

All the projects, including the Hirtshals project, expected to find out something about what problems the dialect speakers had in schoolthe Vendsyssel situation came as a surprise to the project group. Nevertheless, it is clear that the Southern Jutland projects have not distinguished between varieties as clearly as the Hirtshals project. This becomes especially clear in the cases where the classification of children into dialect speakers etc. rests on the judgements of themselves, their parents, or their teachers.

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