By Anne Stone

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60 Years in East Africa. Life of a Settler 1926 to 1986

The superb tale of a guy who was once born in Germany and determined, as a tender guy, to to migrate to Africa.  His ebook describes sixty years studies as a settler, durning which he built plantations for his staff and at last for himself.  He and his kinfolk skilled many hardships, disappointments and rewards whereas dwelling in East Africa from 1926 to 1986.

Mad Dog

Johnny Adair was once born within the Shankhill street sector of Belfast, Northern eire. The youngest of 7 kids he used to be raised a Protestant. As Johnny and his gang might roam the streets trying to find Catholics for no different cause then faith and he bears many scars and warfare wounds from never-ending road battles.

Vies dans l’Ombre avec J. Krishnamurti

"Durant sa longue lifestyles, le penseur religieux J. Krishnamurti (1895-1986) a conquis l’esprit de hundreds of thousands de gens à travers l’Europe, l’Inde, l’Australie et l’Amérique du Nord. Disparu en 1986, il reste pour beaucoup une référence centrale dans les mouvements de libération spirituelle qui ont fleuri au XXe siècle.

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Mom, when she got upset, swore and smacked the car’s hood or whatever else was close to hand. From where I was sitting, across from Officer Groves, I had a clear view of Uncle Dave, who was trying to convince Mom that it was a bad idea to take out her frustration on the police station’s only coffee machine. Soon, Uncle Dave was cursing too, and Mom, she stopped, leaned up against the wall and coolly crossed her arms, as if considering — 52 — whether or not she’d have to resort to a brown paper bag to get Uncle Dave to come to his senses.

A stranger to me in all the ways that counted. But every Christmas and on my birthday, Nanna Stokes shipped me a hardcover wrapped in butcher’s paper. Her books were ancient and held more than words. These were books whose dry pages I softly touched and whose brittle insides I sniffed. These were books printed so long ago, I had to cut the tops of facing pages before I could open them to read. I craved old books the way most teenagers desired cigarettes and alcohol and drugs, though these, too, I wanted.

The officer shook his head. He must’ve considered it his bad luck in getting stuck talking to the kid. Groves glanced across the station once more, and this time, I followed his eyes. Mom and Uncle Dave were standing next to a coffee machine. Every few seconds, she punctuated her point by slamming her open hand against the machine. Uncle Dave looked as if he was trying to maintain a difficult balance or walk a thin yellow line. When things went to shit, Uncle Dave didn’t cry. His joints stiffened and his breathing became heavy, audible.

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