Even though South Asian cookery and gastronomy has remodeled modern city foodscape worldwide, social scientists have paid scant consciousness to this phenomenon. Curried Cultures–a wide-ranging selection of essays–explores the connection among globalization and South Asia via meals, masking the delicacies of the colonial interval to the modern period, investigating its fabric and symbolic meanings. Curried Cultures demanding situations disciplinary barriers in contemplating South Asian gastronomy through assuming a proximity to dishes and diets that's usually lacking while meals is a lens to enquire different themes. The book’s confirmed scholarly participants research meals to touch upon a number of cultural actions as they argue that the perform of cooking and consuming subject as a major approach of figuring out the area and performing on it.

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In this article, Appadurai does not focus on the role of immigration. 8. ” The point that Tsing is making here is that any attempt to represent globalization is someone’s folk understanding of “the global,” and that it is important for us to relate all theories of globalization to the sociological location from which that particular construction has arisen. Most discussions of globalization do not acknowledge that their own 44 • Ope n i ng t h e I s s u e s maps are not “views from nowhere” but arise from particular structural and cultural locations.

32 When it is clear that such distinctions are not created out of eternal, stable substances and practices, but rapidly incorporate new commodities and relations, such as New World crops in Asian cuisines, the connection between globalization and identity becomes especially interesting. Crops, A Di f f e r e n t H i s t or y of t h e Pr e s e n t • 43 cuisines, and consumption offer us a uniquely informative and important thread in the understanding of the history of globalization. Notes I wish to thank Manishita Dass, Lalaie Ameeriar, Nejat Dinc, and Bhavna Mukundan for research assistance.

17 An important place among the spices was held by sugar. This is difficult to understand for the modern observer, as sugar’s role has been drastically redefined over the last few centuries. In the Europe of the fourteenth and fifteenth century, sugar was as precious and difficult to obtain as other spices, and was used in much the same manner.  . saffron, and the like. Most of these were rare and expensive tropical (and exotic) imports, used sparingly by those who could afford them at all” (1985: 79–80).

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