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111 vii On the Structuring of Distributed Systems Contents List of Figures Figure 1. 6 Figure 2. 8 Figure 3. 12 Figure 3. 14 Figure 4. 14 Figure 5. 18 Figure 6. 24 Figure 7. 28 Figure 8. 30 Figure 9. 33 Figure 10. 34 Figure 11. 35 Figure 12. 38 Figure 13. Communcation across the network, and mobile agent migration. 45 Figure 14. Examples of the different mobile code abstractions. 47 Figure 15. 49 Figure 16. 49 Figure 17. 51 Figure 18. 75 Figure 19. L. 79 Figure 20. L. 82 Figure 21. 83 Figure 22.

However, to ensure the degree of flexibility required by systems programmers C does not include type checking, meaning that it is much easier to write erroneous programs in C than in Pascal [Wilson93]. Both languages continue to be widely and successfully employed today. 1 Commentary When von Neumann first specified his computing architecture, he set the direction in which our computing landscape would evolve. Since then, we have evolved through the gradual layering of increasingly powerful abstractions upon each other.

Unfortunately, the existing IPC mechanisms were designed for communication between local processes only. They were complex and difficult to use in a networked manner. There was therefore a clear need for a simple mechanism to allow two networked machines to interact. In a seminal paper, Birrel and Nelson [Birrel84] described a new mechanism, Remote Procedure Calls (RPC), which they built for the Cedar [Teitelman84] programming environment to allow remote communication. 2 Remote Procedure Calls At their simplest, Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) are a mechanism that facilitate a request/reply interaction between two distributed processes [Simon96].

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