By Jean-Dominique Gascuel, Marie-Paule Cani-Gascuel (auth.), Dr. Bruno Arnaldi, Dr. Gérard Hégron (eds.)

J.-D. Gascuel, M.-P. Cani-Gascuel, M. Desbrun, E. Leroi, C. Mirgon: Simulating Landslides for normal catastrophe Prevention.- G. Besuievsky, X. Pueyo: A Dynamic gentle assets set of rules for Radiosity Environments.- G. Moreau, S. Donikian: From mental and Real-Time interplay standards to Behavioural Simulation.- N. Pazat, J.-L. Nougaret: identity of movement versions for dwelling Beings.- F. Faure: Interactive sturdy Animation utilizing Linearized Displacement Constraints.- M. Kallmann, D. Thalmann: Modeling gadgets for interplay Tasks.- M. Teichmann, S. Teller: Assisted Articulation of Closed Polygonal Models.- S. Brandel, D. Bechmann, Y. Bertrand: STIGMA: a four-dimensional Modeller for Animation.

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Behavioural models of a car and tram drivers, as well as a biker have been described, and we are still working on the behaviour of the pedestrian which is more complicated as he is not constrained to stay on the thoroughfare but, unlike the others, he can walk everywhere in the city. 4 The DIATS project DIATS is a research project sponsored by the European Community. It aims at defining and studying some ATI (Advanced Transport Telematics) scenarios on interurban motorways. As a matter of fact the problems of congestion arising from an increasing number of vehicles on the roads have focused Government Policies towards a more efficient management of the existing road network.

SMACHINE Jd { sm-definition } initial-state {state} + {transition} + .. - INITIAL Jd ; .. - .. - Id { duration} ; { outputs} .. - [float { maxd}) ,float, event A state is defined by its name and its activity with regard to data-flows (the outputs rule of the grammar is in fact a subset of the C++ language which would be too long to describe). A state accepts an optional duration parameter which stands for the minimum and maximum amount of time spent in the state. A transition is defined by an origin, an extremity and a transition expression.

Sensor based synthetic actors in a tennis game simulation. In Computer Graphics International'97, pages 189-198, Hasselt, Belgium, June 1997. IEEE Computer Society Press. 13. Norman I. Badler, Barry D. Reich, and Bonnie L. Webber. Towards personalities for animated agents with reactive and planning behaviors. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, Creating Personalities for synthetic actors, (1195):43-57, 1997. 14. J. Kearney, J. Cremer, and S. Hansen. Motion control through communicating, hierarchical state machines.

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