By Parvin Ganjei-Azar MD, Mehrdad Nadji MD (eds.)

Color Atlas of Immunocytochemistry in Diagnostic Cytology is an illustrated functional instruction manual that enables for fast reference within the choice and interpretation of markers in particular differential diagnoses within the day-by-day perform of Diagnostic Cytology. This atlas comprises 299 colour illustrations.

Parvin Ganjei-Azar, MD is Professor of Pathology and Director of Cytopathology on the collage of Miami, Jackson Memorial clinic in Miami, Florida.

Mehrdad Nadji, MD is Professor of Pathology and Director of Immunohistochemistry on the collage of Miami, Jackson Memorial sanatorium in Miami, Florida.

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Case 7 25 Diagnosis Metastatic Seminoma Tips • Placental alkaline phosphatase is not specific for seminomas. • Most seminomas are negative for cytokeratin. • Seminomas may be a component of a mixed germ cell tumor. The nonseminomatous elements (usually embryonal carcinomas) are positive for cytokeratin. Suggested Reading: 16 5 Soft Tissue Tumors 27 28 5. Soft Tissue Tumors Case 8 F IGURE 8A. Pap Stain: FNA smear from a subcutaneous mass of a patient with a history of neurofibromatosis. There are spindle-shaped nuclei on a myxoid background that are suggestive of neurofibroma.

ICC for S100 protein was performed for confi rmation. F IGURE 8B. S100 Protein: There is positive nuclear staining for S100. Case 8 29 Diagnosis Spindle Cell Neoplasm Consistent with Neurofibroma Tips Aspiration cytology of neurofibromas yields very few cells, mostly in the form of naked nuclei. These cells, however, are usually positive for S100 protein. Suggested Reading: 17 30 5. Soft Tissue Tumors Case 9 F IGURE 9A. Pap Stain: FNA of a thigh mass in a 45-year-old female. This is a spindle cell lesion with the differential diagnosis of a smooth muscle tumor and Schwannoma.

Cytokeratin7: Tumor cells are negative for CK7. Case 21 57 F IGURE 21C. Cytokeratin20 : They are positive for CK20, supporting the diagnosis of recurrent colonic carcinoma. Diagnosis Colonic Adenocarcinoma Tips • Combination of positive cytokeratin 20 and negative cytokeratin 7 is highly suggestive of a colonic primary tumor. • Other purported markers of colonic adenocarcinoma such as CDX-2 and villin are less specific. Suggested Reading: 27, 28 58 6. Gastrointestinal Tract Case 22 F IGURE 22A. H&E Stain: FNA of a periportal lymph node in a patient with history of colonic carcinoma.

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