By JT Petty

Just a baby so quick-witted as Clemency Pogue, upon discovering herself attacked by way of a depraved, invincible fairy, may keep in mind a lesson realized from the tale of Peter Pan. She shouts "I do not believe in fairies," and whilst it does not paintings, retains shouting it till the terrible little creature drops as useless as a gossamer-winged doorknob. yet then a mischievous hobgoblin arrives to inform Clem that she's killed six different fairies all over the world, a few undesirable, yet more often than not strong. no matter if it used to be a mistake, it is now Clem's accountability to set the area aright.
In his hilarious, action-packed debut novel, JT Petty does for burlap pants what holes have performed for Swiss cheese.

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He hooked a gnarled thumb at the fairy’s lifeless form. Clemency nodded. Without the Tooth Fairy’s true name, she couldn’t return her life. But at least could see that the fairy’s work was done. Jeffrey’s tooth was a minuscule little nub, even by baby-tooth standards. Clem picked up the tiny ivory nugget and examined it. A silver-filled cavity dully gleamed in the afternoon light. “Please, allow me,” said Chaphesmeeso, holding out a rough orangutan-like palm. Clem handed him the tooth, and he threw back his head and popped it down his gullet like a headache remedy.

The woman nodded encouragingly and then looked over at Chaphesmeeso. She nodded at her granddaughter, as if to say, Fix her. She said something in Russian. Clem walked over next to Chaphesmeeso, next to the sick child. ” she asked. “I speak human,” Chaphesmeeso said. ” Clem asked. Chaphesmeeso repeated the Russian phrase. ” “My job would be so much easier if more humans spoke human,” the hobgoblin lamented. “In your little branch of human, she said ‘Thank you for coming. ’” “She knows about hobgoblins,” Clemency asked.

The fairy landed gracefully on Clem’s burlap pants and hopped upward toward her face. “I don’t believe in fairies! ” Clem edged backward, trying to keep the fairy away from her face. The roots began to creak, as her weight leaned more heavily on their extremes. ” Clem stopped edging and wrapped her fingers tightly around the roots below her. The fairy arrived at her neck, took its burning-hot wand in both hands and raised it above its head like an ax. ” Clem shouted, her words tumbling down below her into the gorge.

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