By Monica S. Cyrino, Meredith E. Safran (eds.)

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In fact, in a later scene Clive’s father confronts Larry at his home and threatens Larry with defamation if he does not accept the envelope. In this exchange too, Larry’s inability to quantify the situation mathematically obscures its meaning from him. ” It is the mystery that equates to a quantum enigma. Furthermore, this game of ambiguity has moral implications that apply to the “real” world. If this example of the cat, or white envelope, conveys a paradox centering on the observer, the following question arises: Who indeed ultimately has the authority to determine what constitutes “right” and “proper” action or behavior, let alone existence beyond observation?

HaShem, Zeus, and Apollo never offer transparency, especially to those who seek it. As Rabbi Nachtner reinforces for Larry, “The answer! Sure! We all want the answer! But HaShem does not owe us the answer, Larry. HaShem doesn’t owe us anything. ” Conclusion The narratives of Oedipus and Larry Gopnik articulate a common desire to understand the mechanisms of nature and knowledge, from Oedipus’ own journey in search of clarity to Larry’s pursuit of it through science. Furthermore, both men’s circumstances are incongruent with their perceptions of 46 OSMAN UMURHAN them.

Identity and Alterity, Individual and Community When Achilles fights Hector in the Iliad, Homer’s poem emphasizes in several ways how the two enemies are similar, both as individuals and as representatives of their cultures, and even in their values and actions. 130–32). 13 Also like Achilles, Hector begins to question this value system when faced with the immediate prospect of death. As Achilles approaches him for their final encounter on the battlefield, Hector forgets about glory and wonders instead if he could end the fight peacefully: “But if I should set down my bossed shield .

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