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What am I doing wrong? Can I use the Promise RAID controller and VIA southbridge controller at the same time? A: You’re in luck, James. We’ve had a lot of experience with this MSI motherboard. In fact, the K8T Neo2-F/FIR is actually the board AMD sent to analysts with its first batch of Socket 939 Athlon 64 processors a couple of years ago, so we’ve spent a lot of quality time tinkering, tweaking, and otherwise getting familiar with it. And, lucky for you, we’ve experienced an almost identical issue.

In the notebook sector, ATI’s market share is even greater, and its mobile graphics offering competes head-tohead with Intel’s mobile graphics. From a sheer business strategy perspective, this actually seems like a pretty smooth move on the part of AMD, but what impact will it have on AMD’s and ATI’s combined technologies moving forward? AMD has been very vocal for a long time now about the significance of the “coprocessor” for future compute architectures. Also, its aggressive licensing of HyperTransport serial interconnect technology is a clear sign of this support.

Finally, you can quit tugging and readjusting your mouse cable during those fast-paced fragfests. 0) The latest update for Nikon’s D2X family of digital cameras resolves a multitude of issues and adds new functionality such as additional ISO settings, autofocus improvements, and changes to menu and image processing options. 01) An update for the Matsushita DVDRAM UJ-850 optimizes the write process when burning DVD+R DL discs at 4X speed and adds support for various 8cm DVD+R DL media. 42) Thermaltake’s Toughpower series of power supplies are ready for SLI, CrossFire, and quad-core CPUs.

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