Chapter 1 Assay, job and Purification of ??Glucuronidase (pages 229–234): W. H. Fishman
Chapter 2 the character, homes and serve as of ??Glucuronidase (pages 235–242): G. T. Mills
Chapter three at the Mechanism of Synthesis of Conjugated Glucuronides (pages 243–248): I. D. E. Storey
Chapter four The Metabolism and Excretion of man-made Oestrogens, with certain connection with the Formation of the Glycuronides (pages 249–256): D. H. Curnow and E. C. Dodds
Chapter five the results of Hormones on ??Glucuronidase task (pages 257–262): W. H. Fishman
Chapter 6 Enzymes within the Corpora Lutea of the Rat while pregnant and Lactation (pages 263–265): B. okay. Meyer
Chapter 7 Enzymes within the Placentoma of the Rat (pages 266–270): R. okay. Meyer
Chapter eight the results on Enzymes of Androgens and development Hormone (pages 271–278): Charles D. Kochakian
Chapter nine comparability of ??Glucuronidase task in Tissue of Foetal, New?Born, and boy or girl Animals with these of the mummy Oeouse, puppy, and Human) (pages 279–280): W. H. Fishman
Chapter 10 Relation of Glucuronidase to motion of Gonadal Hormones (pages 281–283): R. okay. Meyer
Chapter eleven the expansion Inhibiting motion of melanoma generating elements with regards to Hormonal regulate of Protein and Carbohydrate Metabolism (pages 285–288): L. A. Elson
Chapter 12 the results on Enzymes of Adrenal Cortex, nutrition, ?strogens, and Experimental Diabetes (pages 289–298): Charles D. Kochakian
Chapter thirteen Tissue Arginase in terms of the Adrenal Cortex and Diabetes (pages 299–304): A. L. Greenbaum
Chapter 14 Succinic Dehydrogenase and Anaerobic Glycolysis within the Livers of Diabetic Lactating Rats (pages 305–307): R. ok. Meyer
Chapter 15 Chairman's last comments (pages 308–309): S. J. Folley

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They produce a lot of cervical secretion, particularly at the estrus, when you can pull it out in long threads, sometimes as much as one or two feet long, whereas at mid-cycle it is sticky and won't pull out in GENERALDISCUSSION 261 threads. It might be of interest to study the changes in glucuronidase level in relation to these changes. TICKNER: Have you investigated the placenta for glucuronidase content? FISHMAN: I don’t recall the figures which we obtained. They were not excessive for the human placenta.

MCSHAN,W. , and ~MEYER, R. K. (1947). Acid and Alkaline Phosphatases in Ovarian Tissues of the Rat during Pregnancy and Lactation. Endom'nology, 41,45. ~UlA ONENDOC~NOLOCY G E W WOLSTENHOLME 1 & A CHURCHILLLTD ENZYMES IN THE PLACENTOMA OF THE RAT R. K . M E Y E R PLACENTOMATA produced artificially in the pseudopregnant rat were examined for the presence and quantities of alkaline and acid phosphatases, P-glucuronidase, succinic and malic dehydrogenases, and nucleic acids. Tissue was collected for analyses on the sixth, seventh, ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth days after the uterus was traumatized.

C. DODDS Stroud, at the Courtauld Institute, injected the synthetic estrogens, hexcestrol, dienestrol and stilbestrol subcutaneously into rabbits, and studied the recovery in the urin: of oestrogenically active material, by bioassay. His treatment of the urine consisted of a 20 hr. continuous extraction with benzene to obtain the “free” estrogen, followed by 2 hours acid hydrolysis of the residual urine, and another 20 hr. benzene extraction to recover the “combined” estrogen. I n this way he obtained from 17-25 per cent of injected hexcestrol and stilbestrol and 7 per cent of the injected diencestrol.

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