Chapter 1 Chairman's establishing comments (pages 1–5): John C. Beck
Chapter 2 Biosynthesis of Insulin and Glucagon: A View of the present cutting-edge (pages 7–30): Ake Lernmark, Shu Jin Chan, Rosa Choy, Anne Nathans, Raymond Carroll, Howard S. Tager, Arthur H. Rubenstein, Hewson H. fast and Donald F. Steiner
Chapter three Molecular Evolution of the Polypetide Hormones (pages 31–59): Roger Acher
Chapter four Prohormones of ??Melanotropin (??Melanocyte?Stimulating Hormone, ??MSH) and Corticotropin (Adrenocorticotropic Hormone, ACTH): constitution and Activation (pages 61–75): A. F. Bradbury, D. G. Smyth and C. R. Snell
Chapter five the character of Pituitary huge development Hormone as Studied through Immunoabsorption (pages 77–95): J. H. Livesey, D. Rubinsiein and J. C Beck
Chapter 6 Isolation of a Biologically lively Messenger RNA: coaching from Fish Pancreatic Islets by means of Oligo(2??Deoxythymidylic Acid) Affinity Chromatography (pages 97–116): M. Alan Permutt, Jan Biesbroeck, Rose Chyn, Irving Boime, Elzbieta Szczesna and Diana McWilliams
Chapter 7 The keep an eye on of Insulin unencumber by means of Sugars (pages 117–139): S. J. H. Ashcroft
Chapter eight The Mode of motion of Adenosine 3?:5??Cyclic Phosphate within the rules of Insulin Secretion (pages 141–158): W. Montague and S. L. Howell
Chapter nine a number of varieties of Corticotropin (Adrenocorticotropic Hormone, ACTH) and their value (pages 159–181): Rosalyn S. Yalow
Chapter 10 Carboxypeptidase B?Like and Trypsin?Like actions in remoted Rat Pancreatic Islets (pages 183–195): H. Zuuhlke, D. F. Steiner, A. Lernmark and C. Lipsey
Chapter eleven New ideas within the Formation, rules of unencumber, and Metabolism of Parathyroid Hormone (pages 197–224): Joel F. Habener
Chapter 12 constitution and Structure?Function Relationships in Glycoprotein Hormones (pages 225–250): J. G. Pierce, M. R. religion, L. C. Giudice and J. R. Reeve
Chapter thirteen Heterogeneity of the Gastrins in Blood and Tissue (pages 251–265): R. A. Gregory
Chapter 14 Membrane Topology as printed by means of the Binding of Macromolecules (pages 267–280): L. Orci
Chapter 15 Protein Phosphorylation and Hormone motion (pages 281–295): Philip Cohen, John F. Antoniw, Hugh G. Nimmo and Stephen J. Yeaman
Chapter sixteen Growth?Promoting activities of Peptide Hormones (pages 297–369): J. R. Tata
Chapter 17 remaining comments (pages 371–373): John C. Beck

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8. Gel filtration patterns of proinsulin-like components and insulin in a control subject (top left) and five patients with islet cell tumours: - - - -, proinsulin-like component values read from the human proinsulin standard (from Rubenstein ef al. 1974). these subjects does not distinguish the source of insulin-endogenously secreted or exogenously injected. However, if the C-peptide level is low in the presence of high concentrations of circulating insulin, the implication is that insulin was exogenously administered (Couropmitree et al.

1972) and during perfusion of rat pancreas (O’Connor et al. 1973). Whether incubation is continuous or of the pulse-chase type, identification of labelled proglucagon usually proceeds from the co-elution of radioactive and immunoreactive peptides after gel filtration. The range of reported molecular weights is again large. Noe & Bauer report that conversion of proglucagon into glucagon takes a matter of hours in anglerfish islets (Noe & Bauer 1971, 1973), but Hellerstrom et al. (1972) suggest that conversion may take up to six days in cultured hamster islets.

H. (1975) Proinsulin, insulin and C-peptide concentrations in human portal and peripheral blood. J . Clin. Invest. L. & TAYLOR, K . W. (1966) Effects of glucose concentration on incorporation of HOWELL, [3H]leucine into insulin using isolated mammalian islets of Langerhans. Biochim. Biophys. R. & ZAHN,H. (1972) Chemistry of insulin in Handbook of Physiology-Endocrinology I (Steiner, D . F . ), pp. , SEHLIN, J. -B. (1975) Metabolic and insulin-releasing activities of D-glucose anomers. H. 1. & RUBENSTEIN, the rat.

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