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Grandma Bone's eyebrows plummeted in a dark scowl. 'You shouldn't have done that. I want to know what's going on. " His grandmother's tiny black eyes almost disappeared into their wrinkled sockets. "That's none of your business. Paton visited our father last week. " Charlie only just stopped himself from mentioning his own visit to his great-grandfather. Because of the family feud it had to remain a secret. But Uncle Paton had never told him what caused the feud or why he mustn't talk about it.

But what else could it have been? No one came in. " called Charlie. " cried Emma. She looked at her watch. " Charlie rattled the door while Emma pulled the latch. "It must be Ollie," said Emma. "Ollie! " Silence. "Ollie, we've come to help," Charlie explained. " Emma and Charlie waited. There was a soft creak. A key turned in the lock. Charlie pulled the door and it swung inward. There was no one in the passage outside. The two children stepped out. They squinted down the shadowy passage, searching for a door, a recess, any place where someone could be hiding.

Runner Bean grunted and curled up on the bed. " asked Belle when Charlie returned to the dining room. "No, I just shooed it away" said Charlie. Belle stood up. "I want to go home now,” she said to Grandma Bone. " With surprising speed, Grandma Bone walked into the hall and put on her coat and hat. Charlie was amazed. His grandmother always had a nap after lunch, even if it was just a short one. The golden-haired girl seemed to have some sort of power over her. " he asked Belle. " she said. Charlie had to confess that he didn't.

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