By Santo Banerjee, Şefika Şule Erçetin, Ali Tekin

The current paintings investigates worldwide politics and political implications of social technology and administration by means of the newest complexity and chaos theories. earlier, deterministic chaos and nonlinear research haven't been a focus during this quarter of analysis. This ebook treatments this deficiency by using those equipment within the research of the subject material. The authors give you the reader a close research on politics and its linked functions with assistance from chaos concept, in one edited volume.

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Order” as a notion and its forms have been used in various different theories however, we just want to draw a kind of frame which shows hoe field of IR discussed “order”. It is obvious that conventional theories of IR are so limited to explain complexity and dynamic structure of international system with terms of order, anarchy and disorder and most of the time some of terms are used interchangeably but with different meanings and implications. However, today international relations and its actors have much more interdependence than they used to have.

Protests were getting bigger and violently day by day. Not so long time, in January 2011 President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali had to resign his office after 13 years of dictatorship. There was no expectation protesting and even Zine El Abidine’s resignation would spread to other Arab countries. Egypt, Libya and Yemen followed Tunisian protests, almost imitating the nature of that original demonstration. Once more, events surprised whole world. By inspiration from Tunisia, the first month of 2011 was the scene of unforgettable uprising through whole Arab country.

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