By Zhen-Zhen Yang

In this quantity, Professor He and his coworkers summarize polyethylene glycol (PEG)-promoted CO2 chemistry at the foundation of realizing approximately section habit of PEG/CO2 procedure and response mechanism at molecular point. As PEG can be applied as a eco-friendly substitute for natural solvents, phase-transfer catalyst, surfactant, aid in a number of response structures, considerably selling catalytic job and improving pricey steel catalysts, rather considered as a CO2-philic fabric, the authors specialize in targeted purposes of PEG in CO2 catch and usage, together with PEG-functionalized catalysts for effective transformation of CO2 and PEG-functionalized absorbents for effective CO2 catch.
Furthermore, they describe carbon catch and usage process in its place method of deal with the strength penalty challenge in carbon seize and garage.
Interestingly, the authors additionally speak about PEG radical chemistry in dense CO2 as quite artistic and weird use of PEG, possibly serves as a response medium and a thorough initiator for radical chemistry.

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3) [26]. Processes involving the oxidation of olefins using air or oxygen could be of great importance to industrialized economies because of their role in converting petroleum hydrocarbon feedstocks into industrial organic chemicals. Unlike almost any organic solvent, CO2 will not be oxidized further and hence appears to be an ideal solvent for oxidative reactions, eliminating by-products originating from the solvent. Moreover, high miscibility of the gaseous oxidant such as O2 in scCO2 could eliminate interphase transport limitations [27–29].

However, CO2 with a higher pressure of over 20 MPa might retard the interaction between the substrate and the catalyst, and might cause a low concentration of substrate in the vicinity of the catalyst, thus resulting in a relatively low yield [38]. 4. 5. The presence of CO2 could suppress the generation of acetophenone. In addition, the oxidized products could be extracted with scCO2, or with diethyl ether, and the PEG phase which immobilized the catalyst is readily reused without further purification or activation.

Mitsudome T, Umetani T, Nosaka N et al (2006) Convenient and efficient Pd-catalyzed regioselective oxyfunctionalization of terminal olefins by using molecular oxygen as sole reoxidant. Angew Chem Int Ed 45(3):481–485 33. Hou Z, Han B, Gao L et al (2002) Wacker oxidation of 1-hexene in 1-n-butyl-3methylimidazolium hexafluorophosphate ([bmim][PF6]), supercritical (sc) CO2, and scCO2/ [bmim][PF6] mixed solvent. New J Chem 26(9):1246–1248 34. Namboodiri VV, Varma RS, Sahle-Demessie E et al (2002) Selective oxidation of styrene to acetophenone in the presence of ionic liquids.

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