By Sally Grindley

Something yet a parrot! Captain Pepper desires a puppy. He desires to be different...he desires to be an uneventful previous parrot simply will not do. The fiery captain units his pirate staff to discover the precise puppy. they struggle a hippopotamus, a monkey and a leopard - every one with hilariously disastrous effects. eventually, they alight upon a python and Captain Pepper is thrilled! however the final snigger is on him while his no longer so cuddly significant other has him for dinner! finally his browbeaten group can sail domestic in peace. the correct combination of enjoyable, identifiable characters and robust storyline, with a motley team of pets and pirates, make this rumbustious piratical story ideal for amateur readers.

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I thought no good would come of explaining to her that a “muppet” meant a crazy person in Brit speak. Mother nodded. ” I walked over to poor Mr. ” I knelt and went through the motions of chest compressions—like I’d seen done on TV shows—and hoped I wasn’t doing the man any more harm. ) Thankfully, before I attempted mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, the sound of a siren reached my ears, and I ceased my useless efforts. Within another minute, two police officers came through the front door of the trailer.

I do have some scruples, even if they didn’t extend to ten-year class reunions…. I stood, giving my butt cheeks a break from the uncomfortable antique chair, and replaced Sushi on the hard cushion—she jumped down, not liking it, either—and then I wandered into the library/music room to check on my latest painting. Was I, perhaps, an artist? Someone who toiled in oil on canvas, waiting for her genius to be discovered? Hardly. Unless you count covering the bottom soles of an inexpensive pair of black high heels in red lacquer to make them look like expensive Christian Louboutin’s.

I could see the truth in that, but I was kind of hoping to put the “functional” back in. When Cynthia finally looked up at me, concern clouded her eyes. ” She nodded. “Yes. ” So, the Serenity chief of police had made good on his threat of contacting my therapist after I gave Connie Grimes—a venomous gal-pal of my sister Peggy Sue—a gentle shove into a pile of Halloween sweaters at Ingram’s department store. ” “I don’t talk about my patients with other people,” Dr. Hays responded patiently, “but I can listen.

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