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A totally re-creation of this precious Gem reference advisor to the butterflies of england, this publication makes use of either top quality pictures and targeted illustrations to make id of 240 species effortless and enjoyable. Collins Gem Butterflies is an engaging creation to 240 of the main usually came across species of butterflies and moths within the British Isles. each one access comprises determining illustrations of the butterfly or moth; information of distinguishing gains that can aid with identity; details on dimension, habitat, geographical variety, and months while the butterfly or moth could be spotted.; the names of comparable species with which the butterfly or moth will be stressed; and info of the variations among them. All this knowledge and masses extra is gifted in a transparent, hugely illustrated layout that Gem readers have come to understand and love.

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The spring brood has an onnge upperside with blilck spots, but summer insects;;are d~rk brown with ~ broken cream or white stripe. Flight consim mainly of short glides dose to the ground or vegetation. Winter is passed as a pupa. SIZE lamm. H AB ITAT Open woodland and other rough ground. FOODPLAN T RANGE Stinging nettle. C Eu rope and N Iberia; absent from British Isles. FLIGHT April-September. in twO or three broods. None. 44) in flight. SIMILAR SPECIES Fritillary The female upperside is duller than the male with larger SpOtS, but without the black strtaks on the forewing - these carry the scem scales.

Several others in SE Europe. The male uppers ide is bright yellow. 3S) in flight. The tip of the forewing is drawn OUt to ~ sharp point and aD four wings h~ve ~ red dot in the centre. The underside is pale green 3rld Icaflike in both sexes. Adult overwinters. hldirlg in ivy arid other evergrecrls, and is amOrlg the first butterflies to reappear in spring. SIZE 30 mm. HABITAT Open woodland, hedgerows and gardens. FOODPLANT RANGE Suckthom arld alder buckthom. Almost all Europe except Scotlarld. FLIGHT June-September; again in spring after hibernation.

Wi nter is passed as a very small caterpillar. SIZE 37 mm. HABITAT MaWr! woodland, usually with oab. FOODPLANT Sallows. Tom most of Mediterranean. FLIGHT June-August. SIMILAR SPECIES Lesser Purple Emperor (opposite) has orange-ringed black spot on forewing. Lesser PlJlrnlE A fast-flying butterfly, oftel'! gliding for long distances. The upperside is brown. crossed by a broken white or yellowish stripe and with a deep bluish-purple iridescence in the male. Near the outer edge is a black SpOt ringed with orange.

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