By Todd Walton

The forty-two brief stories that contain Buddha In A Teacup are set in modern the USA, in place of some time past China or India. every one parable springs from the author’s meditations on basic facets of Buddhist dharma as these educating practice to the area this present day. a number of the stories are funny, a few unhappy, a few erotic, a few mysterious—all associated and balanced through issues of mindfulness, compassion, generosity, kindness and love. The reader needn't be a Buddhist or recognize whatever approximately Buddhism to totally have fun with and luxuriate in those common stories of the human .

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Irene turns back around and peers down at her breasts. “Buddha Grooves. They’re kind of world-beat reggae with some metal and hip-hop. ” asks Joseph, his tone disdainful. ” she asks, frowning at him. “Knowing if someone is a Buddhist or not? I thought Buddha loved everybody no matter what. Wasn’t that why he stuck around instead of going off to nirvana? ” She looks deep into Joseph’s eyes. ” Hearing these words from her, the blockade between his mind and his heart—an amalgam of fear and sorrow—begins to crumble.

The baby laughs. The man laughs, too. THE CREEK TUMBLES down through the wooded gorge—a sensual chill in the air. Yellow leaves drift through slanting rays of sunlight and settle on the forest floor. Walter stands at the water’s edge, the tip of his fishing rod pointing toward the sun, his line disappearing into a deep pool. Tomorrow is his seventeenth birthday. His mother appears on the ridge above him. She is small in the distance, lovely and strong. She waves to let him know it is time to come home for supper.

I have eaten meat,” says Dipa, nodding. ” Marvin stabs at his steak and winces. “Do you call them sins? ” “There is a story about Buddha coming to a village at dusk,” says Dipa, smiling warmly at Marvin. “No one there recognizes him as anything other than a simple monk. indd 33 33 12/1/15 10:06 PM night by a humble woman who lives in a small hut. For Buddha’s meal, she serves him a bowl of stew she has been cooking for several hours. ” Dipa winks at Marvin. “That’s all I teach. indd 34 12/1/15 10:06 PM ONE FORTUNATE ATTACHMENT H ad they been lovers, had they tried to live together, or had either of them ever mentioned the surreal disparities in their financial situations, she doubts they could have shared even a moment of what has become the spiritual and emotional foundation of her life—a weekly meeting at his tiny flat where they share tea, poetry, meditation, and loving admiration.

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