By J. W. Dougill (auth.), A. M. Brandt, I. H. Marshall (eds.)

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If the fluid phase is present in the structure from the very beginning, the inner state of stress and the extent of microfailure are higher in the case of a liquid, and lower in the case of a gas. In the first region, if the relative quantity of inclusions increases, the extent of microfailures is small. 2b. spacing of inclusions has been attained, it grows steeply, and later, in the third region, in which the fluid phase is sufficiently represented, it once again changes very little. Apart from relaxation due to the origin of microfailures a reduction of the internal state of stress is also contributed to, in the later phase by the presence of the fluid phase, particularly if it is a gaseous one.

Ii. J with (29) so that (30) 20 J. W. Dougill revealing the introduction of the higher order terms in the strain displacement relations. In applications, Bazant et al. (1984) layer the new non-local 'inbricate' continuum with a conventional elastic solid. This has the result of eliminating instabilities that can arise from the strain averaging process or the occurrence of certain periodic displacements fields related to the length LB. In early studies of the extension and wave propagation in a bar, a linear softening law of the form shown in Fig.

1-7. NEWMAN, K. B. (1971), Failure theories and design criteria for plain concrete, Vol. 2, Paper 77, Structure, Solid Mechanics and Design, Ed. M. Tecni, John Wiley 1971, pp. 963-995. P. (1982a), A physical model for the inelasticity of concrete, Proc. Royal Society London Series A, Yolo 383, ;1982, pp. 101-125. ORTIZ, M. P. (1982b), Plain concrete as a composite material, Mechanics of Materials, Yo!. 2, pp. 139-150. E. (1981), Crack growth and development of fracture zones in plain concrete and similar materials, Lund Institute of Technology, Report TYBM-1006, 1981, pp.

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