By Fernando González-Andrés, Euan James

This booklet covers the latest advances in the entire issues with which researchers and execs must be standard with a purpose to receive a greater realizing of, and to higher make the most, important plant-microbe interactions. using microorganisms for agriculture and environmental functions is gaining significance all over the world to enhance crop functionality, but in addition for different environmental purposes, resembling bioremediation in chemically polluted soils. the quest for an equilibrium among basic and utilized facets makes this publication worthwhile for execs at numerous degrees within the worth chain of the “microbial biofertilizers”. demanding situations of comercializing biofertilizers contain potency of the goods and safeguard for human well-being and the surroundings, themes that experience paid important recognition during this e-book. scholars, scientists and biofertilizers builders will locate up-to-date and complete information regarding different features to be thought of to deal with a winning advent of biofertilizers in sustainable agriculture and environmental actions.

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CRZM 06R Siderophore production Phosphate solubilization 260 ++ − 224 − − − 201 ++ − Root − 169 ++ − Serratia sp. Root − 118 ++ − CRZM 09R Enterobacter sp. Root − 208 + − CRZM 13R Bacillus sp. Root + 121 − − CRZM 18R Rhizobium sp. Root − 108 + − CRZM 21R Pseudomonas sp. Root − 46 + − CRZM 22R Kitasatospora sp. Root + 37 − − CRZM 23R Bacillus sp. Root + 102 ++ − CRZM 25R Paenibacillus sp. Root + 112 − − CRZM 26R Pseudomonas sp. Root − 56 − + CRZM 27R Bacillus sp. Root + 111 ++ − CRZM 28R Paenibacillus sp.

Strain PsJN. Appl Environ Microb 71 (4):1685–1693 Compant S, Mitter B, Colli-Mull JG et al (2011) Endophytes of grapevine flowers, berries, and seeds: identification of cultivable bacteria, comparison with other plant parts, and visualization of niches of colonization. ) by terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism and sequencing of 16S rRNA clones. Appl Environ Microbiol 70(3):1787–1794 Dastager SG, Deepa CK, Pandey A (2010) Isolation and characterization of novel plant growth promoting Micrococcus sp.

Mateos Á R. F. Mateos Á R. Rivas Associated Unit I+D University of Salamanca—CSIC ‘Plant-Microbe Interactions Group’, Salamanca, Spain © Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2016 F. González-Andrés and E. 1 L. Celador-Lera et al. Introduction Bacterial endophytes correspond to the population of bacteria that colonize the inner tissues of healthy plants and subsequently establish a harmonious relationship with the host plant (Kloepper and Beauchamp 1992). They have been isolated from a range of plant species, from woody trees to herbaceous plants, suggesting an ubiquitous existence in nearly all higher plants (Luo et al.

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