By Peter C. Jordan (auth.), Shin-Ho Chung, Olaf S. Andersen, Vikram Krishnamurthy (eds.)

Ion channels are organic nanotubes which are shaped via membrane proteins. simply because ion channels control all electric actions in dwelling cells, figuring out their mechanisms at a molecular point is a primary challenge in biology. This publication offers with fresh breakthroughs in ion-channel learn which have been led to through the mixed attempt of experimental biophysicists and computational physicists, who jointly are starting to resolve the tale of those exquisitely designed biomolecules. With chapters by way of prime specialists, the publication is aimed toward researchers in nanodevices and biosensors, in addition to complex undergraduate and graduate scholars in biology and the actual sciences.
Key Features
Presents the newest info at the molecular mechanisms of ion permeation via membrane ion channels
Uses schematic diagrams to demonstrate vital ideas in biophysics
Written by way of best researchers within the region of ion channel investigations

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