By W E Johns

Adventures with awesome flying machines!


It's the 1st global warfare and Biggles is simply 17. The planes are primitive; wrestle strategies are non-existent; the one kind of communique for pilots and their gunners is via hand indications. they're reliant at the ability in their fellow workforce, their wit and, peculiarly else, bravery.

In adverse enemy skies, the place intuition and quickly reactions are every thing, Biggles needs to learn how to be a true fighter pilot, or die…but does he have what it takes?

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We like to keep pilots and observers together, as far as we can, but it's not always possible. I believe Way is without a regular pilot, isn't, he, Mapleton? ' Captain Mapleton nodded. 'Yes, sir,' he said. ' `Good! Then your Flight is now up to establishment,' continued the major, turning again to Biggles. 'Don't let what you've seen to-day depress you. ' He hesitated and went on, 'I want you always to remember that the honour of the squadron comes first. We are going through rather a difficult time just now, and we may have a lot of uphill work ahead of us, so we're all doing our best.

A streak of fire ran along the side of one of them, and then a sheet of flame leapt high into the air. An ambulance raced towards the scene, and Biggles turned away, feeling suddenly sick. It was the first real crash he had seen. A flight-sergeant was watching him grimly. 'A nasty one, sir,' he said casually, as if he had been watching a football match in which one of the players had fallen. `You'll soon get used to that, though,' he went on, noting Biggles' pale face. ' Biggles turned away. Flying no longer seemed just a thrilling game; tragedy stalked it too closely.

If you'd been flying scouts they'd be certain to put you on bombers when you got to France. Fellows who have been flying two-seaters are usually pitched into scout squadrons. That's the sort of daft thing they do, and one of the reasons why we haven't won the war yet. Hallo! ' A gangway slid from the quay to the ship with a dull rattle, and the groups of officers and other ranks began to converge upon it. `Come on, laddie; on your feet and let's get aboard,' continued Mahoney. ' `Goodness knows!

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