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This publication exhibits how humankind can ‘prevent harmful interference with the c- mate process’ with no harmful interference with the worldwide economic climate. within the underlying reviews on behalf of the Ministry of atmosphere and delivery of i the German federal nation of Baden-Württemberg, the implications were elaborated via clinical review of alternative weather defense structures and extensive developmental paintings on an effective weather security method. the implications could be offered in 9 chapters based on the subsequent 9 uncomplicated R&D steps: 1. Quantifying the ‘ultimate weather target’ of the realm neighborhood so as ‘to hinder harmful interference with the weather system,’ hence reaching weather sustainability; 2. improvement of a complete common procedure for comparing the chance of good fortune for various weather security structures; three. in line with this clinical common method, assessment of the present Kyoto process and of crucial proposals for ‘incremental regime evolution’ of the Kyoto procedure. regrettably, it has to be famous that those structures are incapable of achi- ing weather sustainability; four. comparing 3 proposals for ‘structural regime switch’ of the Kyoto method. Following this target assessment method and numeric comparability of the diff- ent proposals, five. Description of the 8 uncomplicated components of GCCS and its in-depth ‘critical asse- ment;’ 6.

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This third of the three conceivable stabilization paths which initially “only” calls for stabilization rather than (for the time being) a global CO2 reduction is, at first glance, seen to be a pragmatic and the ‘most realistic’ and ‘simplest’ way to achieve the EU’s stabilization target. The criterion for achieving climate sustainability by international climate protection policy discussed in the sections above can hence be described as follows: Are the applied instruments of international climate protection policy capable of ensuring an emission development and/or a total emission volume in such a manner that – in line with the then prevailing latest (IPCC) scientific evidence – climate stabilization can be achieved with a maximum CO2 concentration level of 550 ppm in order to avoid, as stated more precisely by the EU, “dangerous anthropogenic interference with the world’s climate system” according to Article 2 of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change?

C. Philibert is the specialist administrator in charge of climate protection issues in the above-mentioned IEA department. 38 The reference to this fact was taken from the foreword by Robert Priddle, Executive Director of the IEA in IEA/OECD (2002a), loc. , p. 3. 39 This demand is stated by ECOFYS within the scope of its two ‘environmental criteria’ separately beside the criterion of ‘environmental effectiveness’, ECOFYS (2002), loc. , p. 33. B · The Paramount Criterion: ‘Quantified’ Climate Sustainability 7.

The economic efficiency criterion and its sub-criteria (Part B of the comprehensive evaluation system) 55 ECOFYS (2002), loc. , p. 34. /Welsch, H. (1999) (C&)C – Contraction and Convergence of carbon emissions: the economic implication of permit trading. ZEW (Centre for European Economic Research) discussion paper no. de/en/publikationen/, p. 17 and following. D · Evaluation of “Technical Applicability” vidual countries and/or regions (such as the oil/gas producing Arabic or coal producing countries as Australia and South Africa and other countries): ■ Changes in the terms of trade due to changes in import and export prices as a result of an induced decline in demand for fossil fuels.

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