By F B Bradley-Birt; Abanindranath Tagore

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The Ghataks of both countries met, and patched up a contract of marriage between the prince and the princess, to be in time confirmed by their fathers. The contract was ratified, and 1 Boiled rice and thin broth. 2 Match makers. KATMANUSH 41 having been gone through, the The two young persons most marriage day was fixed. interested in the affair remained in ignorance of the fact that there was soon to be the very relationship between themselves that they had, but a few months ago, imagined and made vows concerning.

The girl therefore could not do otherwise than fall asleep too. It was during the small hours of the morning, when dead silence still reigned over the whole house, that the young man quietly rose up, removed the jewels and the rich clothes from the girl's body, and tying them in a small bundle, made towards the gate, and under pretence of some unavoidable and urgent business outside, deceived the guard, and showed a clean pair of heels. Before dawn he met his friends in the house they had hired, and they heartily congratulated him on the success of his adventure.

They asked Khoodeh if he would marry, and though he had seen enough to suspect them of treachery, he replied thus to " them, My elder brothers I regard you as worthy of as much veneration as my father. " few days passed, and Khoodeh's brothers one morning falsely told him that a girl had been found for him. They further said that very night had been fixed for the wedding and that they must all proceed to her father's house in the Khoodeh pretended to be filled with joy and gratievening. tude and made the necessary preparations for the supposed happy occasion.

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