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Hot Pursuit: Murder in Mississippi (Kar-Ben for Older Readers)

It was once the liberty summer time of 1964. Civil rights employees Mickey Schwerner, Andrew Goodman, and James Chaney have been riding via rural Mississippi. whilst a police cruiser flashed its lighting fixtures in the back of them, they hesitated. have been those law-abiding officials or participants of the Ku Klux Klan? should still they pull over or attempt to outrun their pursuers?

Guinea Pig, Pet Shop Private Eye 1: Hamster and Cheese

There is a sandwich thief in Mr. Venezi's puppy store, and everybody is a suspect, from the chinchillas to the goldfish. by no means worry! The world's fluffiest detective at the case: Sasspants, PI(G). by means of day, Sasspants is your ordinary book-loving, gizmo-inventing guinea pig. by way of evening she solves puppy store mysteries with the aid of her sidekick, Hamisher the hamster.

The Fastest Dinosaurs (Meet the Dinosaurs)

"Dino" Don Lessem brings readers face-to-face with a number of dinosaur species, detailing their habitats, lifestyle and the way they grew to become extinct. An acclaimed dinosaur professional, Don Lessem has written greater than 30 kid's books, writes a favored dinosaur column in Highlights journal, and used to be an adviser for Jurassic Park.

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Put your hands and knees on the ground, keeping your back in the air. Ask your friends to straddle your back, adding one more friend at a time until you cannot hold any more without collapsing. Journal Notes Rhinoceros beetle can support 850 times its own weight on its back Heads Write these sentences into your jour- 3. I ran _________(D) nal and fill in the blanks with your inches/cm in 5 seconds. results. D ÷ 5 = _________(E) distance per second. I am _______(A) inches/cm tall and I E ÷ A = _________ is the number of weigh ___________ pounds/kg.

Flies have two wings and sponging mouthparts. Grasshoppers have large hind legs for jumping and chewing mouthparts. Beetles have a line that goes straight down their back, and many have a set of pinching jaws called mandibles. This will make it easier to classify anything you catch to the right order. 75 cm) long Pencil topper erasers (optional) Carefully cut along the thick black outer lines on the cube pattern. Fold and crease along all the thinner inner lines, then flatten the pattern again.

When droughts dry up the soils in • Living in the Arctic means that caterpillars are active for only a way handrails. • One hundred eighty yucca moths Africa, the midge larvae dry up as few weeks each summer. This emerged from their cocoons 16 to well. They can survive dehydration causes some moths to live 14 17 years after they first spun them. 37 Raising Mealworms M ealworms are one of the easiest animals to raise from egg to adult to egg again. Mealworms earned their name because they are often found in containers of cornmeal and cereal.

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