By Philip Fitzpatrick

It truly is just about the time while Papua and New Guinea territories will achieve independence from Australian rule and and a tender police cadet, kiap, Philip Fitzpatrick stories a sector in transition. it truly is an environment he interprets to this compelling account of the interval he served as a patrol officer in Papua New Guinea.

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He had negotiated the employment of ten carriers with Fiamnok, organised the tins of meat and fish, rice and trade goods with the clerk, weighed and distributed the loads and chivvied the Aid Post Orderly into action. ‘This is good,’ I said, returning the sergeant’s salute. ’ Bamahuta 39 ‘Good,’ I said and turned to the clerk. ‘I’ve told the corporal staying behind that while we are gone he has to supervise the sawing of timber for the new Aid Post. If you could make sure it gets done, it would be good.

This brought an audible giggle. After a while some of the children began to drift away. Soon only two girls and a small boy remained. They squatted together a few feet from my chair. Kure brought a plate of steaming rice and tin fish. He returned with a mug of tea and, seeing the boy and two girls still there, hissed at them. They giggled and only pulled back when Buka ambled outside and lay down under my chair. As I ate they came closer. The dog sniffed at them suspiciously. The elder of the two girls tentatively stretched out and touched the leg of the chair.

We were on the last incline before Bolivip. At the same time the rain eased to a drizzle and the filtering sun created a bright, but eerie, yellow light. The old gardens here had become overgrown with tall stands of pit pit and other sharp-bladed grasses so that we seemed to be following a narrow, winding tunnel. The heat of the sun on the wet vegetation made the atmosphere oppressive and the carriers and police began to pull off their sodden shirts and shorts, preferring to chance cutting themselves on the sharp grasses rather than broiling in their sodden clothes.

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