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The Spotter Class lists are issued by FMCHQ and are revised periodically. They contain potentially hostile aircraft as well as friendly aircraft which look similar up to 36 in number. Figure 3-2-1 6. Table of AAAD Weapons Ranges Air raid warning procedures are dealt with in Chapter 5. WEAPON MOUNTS 7. The effectiveness of AAAD weapons is increased by mounting them on a stable mounting. Various types of AD mounts are discussed in Annex A. SECTION 3 SITING FUNDAMENTALS FOR AAAD TEAMS GENERAL 1. Because of the limited range of AAAD weapons and the fact that the weapons will normally be sited within a unit's perimeter, it is unlikely hits will be achieved before the aircraft's weapons are released, see Figure 3-3-1.

It is important that vehicle commanders and drivers know which alternative is to be used. These are normally advised in formation/unit SOPs and/or at convoy briefings. The procedures for the use of small arms are the same as those described in Chapter 3, Section 4. CHAPTER 6 UNIT TRAINING SECTION 1 GENERAL INTRODUCTION 1. Hostile air attack may occur without warning. It can prove to be an extremely frightening and demoralizing experience causing panic among untrained troops and a great deal of damage and disruption.

The: a. personnel have expended the amount of ammunition authorized; b. the aircraft is receding; c. the aircraft is out of range; or d. the aircraft is destroyed. The engagement and results must be reported to the next highest headquarters, detailing a. unit callsign; b. time of engagement; c. number and type of aircraft engaged; and d. visible results. SECTION 4 TROOPS MOVING BY VEHICLE GENERAL 1. Units, equipment and personnel are most vulnerable to air attack when moving on fixed routes by vehicle.

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