By Mark Twain

The yr 2010 marked the a hundredth anniversary of Mark Twain's demise. In occasion of this crucial milestone and in honor of the adored culture of publishing Mark Twain's works, UC Press released Autobiography of Mark Twain, quantity 1, the 1st of a projected three-volume version of the full, uncensored autobiography. The ebook grew to become an instantaneous bestseller and used to be hailed because the capstone of the life's paintings of America's favourite author.
This Reader's Edition, a conveyable paperback in higher sort, republishes the textual content of the hardcover Autobiography in a kind that's handy for the final reader, with out the editorial explanatory notes. It encompasses a short advent describing the evolution of Mark Twain's principles approximately writing his autobiography, in addition to a chronology of his existence, short relatives biographies, and an excerpt from the impending Autobiography of Mark Twain, quantity 2--a arguable yet ordinarily funny assault on Christian doctrine.

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In that he was superb, he was wonderful—in a word, great; in all things else he was a pigmy of the pigmies. The real Colonel Sellers, as I knew him in James Lampton, was a pathetic and beautiful spirit, a manly man, a straight and honorable man, a man with a big, foolish, unselfish heart in his bosom, a man born to be loved; and he was loved by all his friends, and by his family worshiped. It is the right word. To them he was but little less than a god. The real Colonel Sellers was never on the stage.

According to tradition, some of them were pirates and slavers in Elizabeth’s time. But this is no discredit to them, for so were Drake and Hawkins and the others. It was a respectable trade, then, and monarchs were partners in it. In my time I have had desires to be a pirate myself. The reader—if he will look deep down in his secret heart, will find—but never mind what he will find there: I am not writing his Autobiography, but mine. Later, according to tradition, one of the procession was Ambassador to Spain in the time of James I, or of Charles I, and married there and sent down a strain of Spanish blood to warm us up.

It is significant that when these chapters are arranged in numerical order, their contents do follow a rough chronology—without, however, accurately reflecting the lapse of time. Clemens was fourteen in both Chapter IV and Chapter IX, but between Chapter IX and Chapter XIV he aged from fourteen to thirty, and then to age sixty-two by Chapter XVII. Still, this rough approximation is exactly what one would expect if the chapter numbers were only estimates. He chose not to write the chapters in numerical order, but it is clear that his ultimate goal was to arrange them into a chronological narrative.

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