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Imaging Living Cells

More suitable know-how for imaging dwelling cells, particular mobile objectives and organelles is having a dramatic effect on easy and utilized study. by means of combining optical layout and molecular genetics, a brand new sequence of instruments is being built and effectively utilized including classical probes. Novel labelling ideas, higher software program for snapshot enhancement and research at the moment are to be had and make allowance photograph acquisition with larger pace and precision.

The Physiological Genomics of the Critically Ill Mouse

The physiological genomics of the cardiovascular method reviews the connection among gene and physiological (dys)function. it's a speedily constructing sector of analysis and distinguishes itself from different parts of molecular drugs via its hugely integrative nature. during this multi­ disciplinarian sector of the physiological sciences, there's interplay among gene constitution and physiological cardiovascular functionality in addition to interactions among different organs and their physiological cubicles.

Econophysics of Wealth Distributions: Econophys-Kolkata I

Figuring out the distribution of source of revenue and wealth in an economic climate has been a vintage challenge in economics for the final hundred years. except the quickly decaying quantity density of individuals with their source of revenue crossing over to a powerful energy legislation for the very wealthy, referred to as the Pareto power-law, after Vilfredo Pareto.

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A long delay, on the other hand, usually causes the forager to perform another type of dance—the tremble dance—that recruits additional receivers to unload the incoming nectar foragers (Seeley 1992; Kirchner and Lindauer 1994). , the time spent in finding a nectar receiver, are a direct social cue that influences an active forager’s decision of whether to start, pursue, or stop foraging or to recruit nestmates. This well-studied example shows that patterns of direct encounters between nestmates are crucial for the organization of work in the bee hive.

Is female preference for male repertoires due to sensory bias? Proc R Soc Lond B 266:2309–14. Condit R, Ashton PS, Baker P, Bunyavejchewin S, Gunatilleke S, Gunatilleke N, Hubbell SP, Foster RB, Itoh A, LaFrankie JV, Lee HS, Losos E, Manokaran N, Sukumar R, Yamakura T. (2000). Spatial patterns in the distribution of tropical tree species. Science 288:1414–18. Cuthill IC, Kacelnik A, Krebs JR, Haccou P, Iwasa Y. (1990). Starlings exploiting patches: The effect of recent experience on foraging decisions.

The Dancing Bees. London: Methuen. von Frisch K. (1967). The Dance Language and Orientation of Bees. Cambridge, MA: Belknap Press. Fülöp A, Menzel R. (2000). Risk-indifferent foraging behaviour in honeybees. Anim Behav 60:657–66. Gallistel CR. (1990). The Organization of Learning. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. Gegear RJ, Laverty TM. (2004). Effect of a colour dimorphism on the flower constancy of honey bees and bumble bees. Can J Zool 82:587–93. Gentry JB. (1974). Responses to predation by colonies of the Florida harvester ant, Pogonomyrmex badius.

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