By Jose Guimon

Paintings and insanity bargains a severe evaluation of present theories at the dating among creative creativity and the psychiatric disturbances that could desire this creativity, the psychodynamic mechanisms proposed through psychoanalysts to give an explanation for creativity, and the psychosociological elements that play a job in creativity

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Chapter 6 Psychotic Experiences 1. Schizophrenia spectrum disorders. A number of disorders (schizoidia, schizoid disorder, schizotypy, schizoaffective disorder) are considered to be part of the schizophrenia spectrum because the symptoms are similar, although with varying degrees of severity, and they also share common neuroimage and biochemical alterations. Some temperament traits identify individuals who it is feared may develop schizophrenia-spectrum disorders. These traits are often found in the families of future patients.

Similar points of views were advocated by the antipsychiatry movement two decades later. Dubuffet (1967) discovered the visual power of psychotic artists such as Adolf Woelfli and assembled the most important collection of the artwork of mental patients which he called art brut. He compared these works with those of ‘primitive’ artists (the huts of itinerants, the playhouses of children) and declared that the production of acclaimed artists was only the degeneracy of primitive art. The drawings and expressive activities of children were considered to be the origin of any artistic activity in the adult.

He published Hebdòmeros, The Painter and his Genius in a Writer (1929), an autobiographical text which was held to be his literary masterpiece, and on which he had started work years before. Psychopathological features De Chirico suffered a number of psychiatric episodes, the characteristics and etiology of which have not been well explained, and these marked the various stages of his artistic production. In 1911 he experienced psychological and somatic disorders which, according to some critics, were caused by his continuous change of residence, and he was forced to go to ANXIETY AND DEPERSONALIZATION 41 Vichy for a cure.

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